Galaxy Note 2: Samsung Flip Case Review

I am already in love with the look and feel of Samsun Galaxy Note 2 and its big, beautiful display. However, I am also worried about its screen and how massive the damages are going to be, if I it gets cracked or damaged. Samsung is now finally shipping the flip case, which is not exactly a case and is more of a cover that also acts as a replacement for its back panel. The case is for somebody that loves the feel and huge display of Note 2 but is worried about scratching the display when they put it in their pocket.


Design – As said earlier, the Samsung Flip case for Note 2 replaces the existing battery cover. I got myself a grey one from as I own a grey galaxy note 2 (reviewed here) and boy, I was blown away by the quality of it.

Front of the Flip cover has Samsung name and Galaxy Note II logo embossed. It looks ‘boss’ on the brushed finish. Look at below image.


Back of the Flip cover replaces the back cover, which is great as it keeps the overall profile thin.

Cutouts – There is a cutout in the front to let you ear through the earpiece. There are few cutouts at the back for LED flash, camera and speakers. There are connectors for the NFC too as shown in the image below.
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galaxy note-2-flip-nfc

Quality – I would be lying if I say that the quality of the Flip covers for first generation was amazing. The fake leather of it started separating just after 3 weeks of use. But this one seems to be holding pretty well. Samsung has really improved the quality of the flap. The brushed coating is backed by strong plastic now that will does aplomb job in keeping the protecting the huge screen beneath it.


Verdict – It is more of a style accessory and is only useful if you want to protect the screen. No protection is given to the back and sides of the Galaxy Note 2. To use the phone (and to even answer calls), you must open the flip cover, which forces two hand usage all the time. On the bright side, it has amazing built quality and adds almost no bulk at all.

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PS: It works for GT N7105 too.