ADATA HD830: a hard drive of up to 5 TB that neither a car can crush

ADATA HD830 review

The manufacturer of portable external storage units ADATA has recently introduced its new creation: the ADATA HD830. This new portable mechanical hard disk has been developed and reinforced so that it can be used in the most adverse environmental circumstances, resisting compression pressures of up to 3,000 kg in its external casing, with a storage capacity of up to 5 TB.

If in something they tend to limp, generally, external hard drives, is in their resistance to shock. This aspect is especially true when it comes to mechanical storage units, for which the simple friction of a read head with the turntable of the hard disk can cause damage from which the disk can not be recovered, with the consequent possible loss of life. the stored data.

The new ADATA HD830 external hard drive has been designed to be resistant to the most demanding shocks and pressures. These new units have been created so that they can resist falls from a height of 1.22 m without being damaged. This is so because in its construction a design based on different materials has been used, designed to cushion the sudden blows, as is the case when the unit falls to the ground. It also influences the fact of being able to withstand a pressure of more than 3,000 kg.


One of the advantages that mechanical hard disks still have over solid storage drives is that their price per Gigabyte of storage is still considerably lower. This means that we can find units with greater internal capacity, such as these ADATA HD830, which can be purchased with capacities of 2, 4 or 5 TB.

Of course, the disadvantage is that its weight is greater than the latter, since the 2 TB model weighs 510 g, while the 4 and 5 TB models weigh 600 g. Its external dimensions are, for all models, 140 (Long) x 98.2 (W) x 33 (H) mm. The range of operating temperatures is the usual for mechanical hard disks: between 5 and 50 ÂșC.

The connection of these new units of ADATA to our computer will be made through USB 3.1 port, which we know, from the previous photos, which will be micro USB type. However, it does say that the voltage required to operate is 5 V, which means that we are not facing an internal unit of 3.5 inches, since these require a voltage of at least 12 V to operate. That is, the internal unit of the ADATA HD830 is a 2.5-inch format.