Adata Premier SP550 specs, a TLC SSD

ADATA Technology has announced the latest addition to its range of solid state devices, the Premier SP550 and it has great specifications and offers good performance at low cost. It is a TLC (Triple Level Cell) type SSD and is offered in up to 960 GB capacity.

Adata Premier SP550 specs

The ADATA Premier SP550 is the first brand that integrates the SM2256 Silicon Motion controller which uses technology that allows data shaping and LDPC ECC RAID for creating RAID configurations for multiple disks hardware without using an external software or by the RAID controller integrated on the motherboard of the PC. This of course greatly increases the reliability of these SSDs, as well as its stability and durability.

Adata Premier SP550 review

LDPC ECC technology allows correction of errors which helps in increasing the life of the SSD. It will be offered in 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB capacities. Adata has not spilled out any detail on its price tag or release date.