Adata XPG Z2 4222 Mhz DDR4 RAM launched

Adata XPG Z2 is the new memory that has broken the overclocking RAM record by launching a liquid cooled memory that runs at 4222 MHz. In collaboration with leading motherboard manufacturers including MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and ASRock boards, Adata was able to achieve the fastest memory speed so far.

4222 Mhz DDR4 RAM

To achieve this speed, you must use the Adata XPG Z2 in a MSI X99A XPOWER AC motherboard with Intel Core i7 5960X processor with single RAM module with 19-25-25-63 latencies.

Adata XPG Z2 4222 Mhz DDR4 RAM

This 4,222 MHz speed achieved by its ADATA XPG DDR4 Z2 RAM is a milestone and we all agree on that but as we repeat every time, a record of this nature  is not functional and it only makes the fanboy happy.

So we repeat once again, only a few users want to see are records of overclocking functional teams. In real world these numbers do not mean a thing to most of the users.

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