AMD Mobility Radeon 400 series specs released

AMD has officially confirmed the specifications of your graphics card Mobility Radeon 400 series on its website. The line consists of several series chips Radeon Radeon R9 and R7 to be integrated into mobile platforms ranging from high – performance to low power solutions. The new Mobility Radeon Radeon 400 Series, at least until this Polaris consists of rehashes of the current 300 series.

AMD Mobility Radeon 400 series

The catalog of the AMD Radeon R9 M400 series includes three chips. The Radeon R9 M485X, M470X the Radeon R9 and R9 Radeon M470. The three chips are based on core graphics cards already on the market: For example, the Radeon R9 M485X is powered by the AMD Antigua XT GPU. This chip has the same specifications as the Radeon R9 M395X with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory operating in a memory bus of 256 bits and a memory clock of 1250 MHz. The other two chips are based on the architecture of the charts Bonaire core. The Radeon R9 M470X has 14 computer units including 896 stream processors, while the GPU Radeon R9 470 comes with 12 computer units that move 768 shaders. Both chips have 4 GB of GDDR5 memory at a speed of 1500 MHz, running a memory interface of 128 bits.

The catalog of the AMD Radeon R7 M400 series includes five chips. All chips are based on older graphics cards. Starting with the Radeon R7 M465X having a chip 512 stream processors and includes 4GB GDDR5 GRAM with a clock frequency of 1125 MHz. The next two are nuclei Topaz XT based on Radeon R7 M465 and R7 M460 using the same core configuration of 384 stream processors with 4 GB of GRAM. There are also variants with only 5 units employing computer (320 stream processors), including the Radeon R7 M445 and M440 Radeon R7.

Finally, the catalog of the AMD Radeon R5 M400 series consists of three graphics cores that will be targeted at low – cost computer systems, the range most basic products. The SKU includes R5 M435, M430 and R5 R5 M420 graphics cards, which are based on architectures Sun Jet XT and Pro. All these centers offer the same core configuration with 320 stream processors. The memory includes variants 4GB GDDR5 or DDR3 with a clock frequency of 1000 MHz and run all through a 64 – bit bus.

Seeing everything you have just read, certainly more than one you’re wondering where are the graphs with Polaris. Well, since AMD has not yet presented these graphics cores, it is logical that are not reflected on their website, but I noticed that there are certain nomenclatures that AMD has not yet presented such as the M490X R9, M490, M480X and M480 . These, these models assume that will incorporate the new Polaris that cores inside. And of them, as a personal opinion, I think the R9 and R9 M490X M490 portable version will incorporate a core Polaris 10, while the M480X R9 and R9 M480 will be incorporating within the Polaris 11 cores.