Asus Arez graphics cards announced

Asus Arez graphics cards

Asus has changed its for AMD Radeon RX-series graphics cards. This means that the Nvidia graphics cards will continue to carry STRIX brand name and AMD GPUs will carry AREZ branding. This will help gamers identify an Asus branded AMD GPU easily. These graphics cards will be made available in selected markets from May 2018. Asus has upgraded the software too with each AREZ GPU coming with GPU Tweak II that makes gaming and overclocking easier than ever. With just one clock, you will be able to maximize system performance by getting rid of redundant processes and allocating all the available resources automatically to the game.

All AREZ graphics cards come with Asus’ wing blade patented design that delivers 105 percent greater static pressure over heatsink for better cooling and upto three times quieter operation when compared to other fan designs.

The AREZ fans are also IP5X dust resistant that ensures longer lifespan. 0DB technology stops the fan completely when the GPU temperature goes below a certain level. This means you will be able to game or do light GPU tasks in complete silence.

Asus Super Alloy Power II components deliver better efficiency and consume less power. It makes upto 50 percent less noise under full load.