Asus Hyper Express SSD with SATA Express Released

Asus has collaborated with Kingston to create its first solid state drive. Normally companies start with basic features but Asus has come with a new feature called SATA Express interface.

Slated to be released in May, the Asus Hyper Express SSD with SATA Express supports Serial ATA (SATA) and PCI Express (PCIe) devices. It comes with multiple PCI express lanes as pure PCI Express connection to the storage device that allows doubling the speed of SATA easily.

Asus Hyper Express SSD with SATA Express

In theory you will be able to get speeds of 1,969 MB/s. This SSD is basically a RAID 0 array made of two mSATA storage devices encased in a 2.5 inch case. Future models will come with 2x M.2 SSDs instead of mSATA drives for even better performance and capacity.

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