Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air release date, price and specifications for Europe

Mi Laptop Air

Xiaomi has just presented its new Mi Laptop Air, a laptop with a minimalist design and quite striking features. Xiaomi has worked on the design of this laptop to adapt it to the current trends in the laptop market: we have a thin, thin and with few frames. As for its dimensions, we are talking about a notebook with a 13.3-inch diagonal Full HD screen that is inside a 309.6 x 210.9 x 14.8 mm computer.

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Intel Core i3-8121U specifications, being used on Lenovo Ideapad 330

Intel Core i3-8121U in Lenovo Ideapad 330 laptop

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, has just introduced its new Ideapad 330 cheap laptop. This new model of the manufacturer will be the first, globally, to mount an Intel Cannon Lake processor. The Intel Core i3-8121U is part of the new processors that will be manufactured using the troublesome 10nm node that Intel has been developing these years ago. It seemed that they were reluctant to go to the market, but we can already see that Intel has solved the manufacturing problems for the 10 nm node. At least enough to start manufacturing some processors of its range of laptops. However, we are scared enough that Intel has not officially introduced these new processors with Intel Cannon Lake kernel.

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What is AMD XFR 2 (Xtended Frequency Range) and how will benefit Ryzen 2000 processors?

What is AMD XFR 2

One of the innovations that AMD has presented with its new Ryzen 2nd Generation processors is a much improved version of its boost system. What is AMD XFR 2? The new AMD XFR 2 and AMD Precision Boost 2 have been tuned with both new processors, which already make overclocking unnecessary, except in certain very specific circumstances.

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How to recycle your old gaming laptop in UK

So you have just bought a shiny new gaming laptop. Great but what do you plan to do with the old gaming laptop that you bought seven years back in UK? The simplest thing you can do is throwing it into the trash can and forget that it ever existed. However you can do something that will benefit environment and you too. How to recycle your old gaming laptop in UK?

old gaming laptop in UK

There are certain companies that let you recycle an old and cheap gaming laptop under 500 UK and other parts of England. Recycling is important as gaming laptops have myriad toxic materials inside and they harm the environment if not disposed in proper way. But certain companies extract the working parts of these machines and reuse them in new ones.

Recycling old gaming laptop in UK: In most cases it is financially rewarding too as many online recycling sites pay you for your old gaming laptop. There are some in the UK and some operate in entire European Union. I don’t know how they will operate post-Brexit but for now, all of them are ready to dispose off your old laptop in UK. Most of them offer you an instant online quote and some even pay you the shipping costs. If your gaming laptop does not switch on, then it does not mean that no part of is in non-working state. Many parts are still very much functional and these companies can pay you for them.

recycle laptop uk

So why to recycle an old gaming laptop for money? Well the main reason is if you don’t, they will end up in third world countries where the poor workers will put the gaming laptops in acid to extract the parts having gold in them. This process is extremely harmful for the environment. If you send them to reputed and regulated-by-law companies you will be ensured that they will dispose off the materials of your gaming laptop properly and in most environment-friendly way.

Before you send them in, make sure you wipe off all the personal information. While some companies offer to do that for you, you should delete them yourself. The best way to do that is fully overwriting the hard drive by heavy files. After that reinstall the operating system and if you own a Macbook Pro, you can clone the OS data easily.

Overclock Underclock Moto G4 Plus

A new custom kernel for Moto G4 Plus android phone is released and it lets you Overclock or underclock CPU. In order to flash it, you have to be rooted with Super SU as otherwise Wi-Fi would not work without Super SU installed.

Overclock Underclock Moto G4 Plus

Features of Moto G4 Plus

Easy installation and setup with Aroma installer
Fingerprint sensor as home button
Overclock or underclock CPU
NTFS r/w support
Option to disable fsync
advanced color control
performance and power optimizations
upstream ZRAM with lz4 compression
KSM enabled
brighter HBM
adjust or disable vibration
FIOPS i/o scheduler
Does not modify system partition
Does not overwrite modules
Compatible with systemless root

This is a stable kernel for Moto G4 Plus and it is made for people who depend on your phone.

Bitcoin BTC – USD July 2016 analysis

The bitcoin price technical analysis for the july 2016 is in and our verdict is that it is still stuck in consolidation. However, we are quite sure it is getting ready to make a strong breakout soon. Right now, when converting from BTC to USD, one can see that the price is stuck inside a triangle pattern but we feel it might breakout since it is now at its peak.

Bitcoin BTC – USD July 2016 analysis

We also feel that a breakout in either direction will set a long term tread for the bitcoin rate. Some technical experts say that the price of bitcoin is likely to go down in a big way. Right now, it sits just below the 800-dollar level.

That said if the oscillator reaches the overbought area, then the sellers will be able to regain control of the price action. According to the US NFP report, there was a bit of increase in demand for the US dollar last Friday and the economy added 287000 jobs in June which is higher than the projected 175000 increase.

On the other hand, the unemployment rate rose from 4.7 -> 4.9 percent that is higher than the projected increase to 4.8 percent. Right now, the bitcoin price is waiting to see how the uncertainties of the market stay before deciding on the direction.

Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Max easily and safely: Rooting Samsung Max using Kingroot method

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max can now be rooted using kingroot method. This method was tested on our Grand Max and we can say it is totally safe and secure way. No data is lost during this rooting process.

Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

1) On your Samsung Galaxy Grand Max Open Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Source (tick to enable it).
2) Download and install KingRoot APK on your Android Device.
3) Once Installation is completed, you will be able to see the following icon in the Launcher Menu:
4) Tap on the KingRoot Icon to Open it. Once KingRoot Application is launched you will be able to see the following screen:
5) Now, Tap on the Start Root Button to begin the root process.
6) Now, KingRoot will start the rooting process.
7) Within a minute or two you will be able to see the Big Green Tick, which signifies that your device is rooted successfully.
8) Restart your Device manually.
9) Now, as your Samsung Galaxy Grand Max is Rooted Successfully you might want to verify that your device is rooted or not. For that, Download and install Root Checker Application from the Play Store and verify the root status manually.

Another way if above method does not work:

Download and install Terminal emulator app from  here.
Download kingroot zip file
Send the extracted folder “mrw” to the internal storage of your device and make sure that this folder contains 4 files
Open Terminal emulator and type : su
Allow root permission
Type : sh/sdcard/mrw/root.sh
then just let this happen it ll auto update everything