Most expensive MacBook Pro 2018 now costs almost 8000 euros

Apple today introduced its new range of high performance laptops, the Apple MacBook Pro 2018. These new laptops will incorporate several improvements in the hardware they will assemble, among which we can highlight the new Intel processors with Coffee Lake cores and six cores and twelve process threads, to create the most powerful MacBook Pro to date.

macbook pro 2018

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Thermaltake Core P5 TG Ti, an open ATX case with tempered glass that you can hang on the wall

Thermaltake Core P5 TG Ti review

The manufacturer of computer boxes Thermaltake, has presented its new model Core P5 TG Ti, equipped with a thick tempered glass sheet on its side, which allows unobstructed view inside the box. This new model allows its installation hanging directly from a wall, apart from lying down and in an upright position.

The concept of open box is not one that is very modern, but it is one that is forgetting to get enough strength among users of computer cases. Certain brands such as Lian Li or Thermaltake is betting strongly for this segment of users who are looking for a very premium and colorful image on their personal computers, which makes these boxes open on all four sides, with the large sheet of tempered glass on their side left, allowing to see all the inside of it, are models of which many variants are currently being seen.

Thermaltake already has in its possession several models of its Core series of open boxes, which, generally, have had very good reviews in specialized portals, as well as acceptance among its public, since it is one of the few manufacturers of this type of boxes. computer that include a riser card among its accessories, to place the graphic card in such a way that it can be seen in all its extension, from the outside of the box, without problems.

The new Thermaltake Core P5 TG Ti makes the modularity of its construction, its great virtue. Thus, the box allows the installation of up to two graphics cards, either in the vertical position or in the horizontal position. Likewise, inside, users can install up to 5 storage units of 3.5 or 2.5 inches, either on the front, as on the back of the mounting plate of the motherboard, like that this model supports the use of radiators for liquid refrigeration up to 480 mm (4 x 120 mm) or 420 mm (3 x 140 mm).

The Core P5 TG Ti also has quite large internal tolerances. It allows the installation of heatsinks up to 180 mm in height and graphic cards up to 280 mm, if liquid cooling is used with reserve, or 30 mm if no reserve is used for liquid cooling. The maximum length of the power supply would be 200 mm.

However, what is going to attract the attention of its potential users is the possibility that this box model has to be used in three different positions : in the traditional vertical position, as in horizontal position, as hanging on a wall. It is in this last way that the box, of course, will be much more attractive for the users.

Cryorig H7 Ultra RGB and Crona 120: new heatsink and high performance fan

Cryorig has announced its new H7 Ultra RGB heatsink and its new Crona 120 fan that will show us at the Computex 2018 in Taiwan. This presentation has been an overview for the media to know what to look for in their stand. The brands get to work to show us all their artillery for this new event and Cryorig has already presented several very striking components for next week.

Cryorig H7 Ultra RGB and Crona 120

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ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GD with Core i9 and GTX 1050: ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GD specifications and price

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GD specs price

ASUS ZenBook 15 Pro has been launched with new hardware and it is being called UX550GD. The ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GD laptop will be powered by an Intel Core i9. On the one hand, the new Coffee-Lake H processors are characterized by lower energy consumption and yet, still offer more power than the predecessor models. In addition to the top-of-the-line Core i9-8950HK , the ZenBook 15 Pro can be chosen with the Core i7-8750H or i5-8300H. For the i9 and i7 models, six cores are used, which also means multi-threaded calculations with more power can be done.

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ASRock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX / ac: new motherboard for small gaming computers

ASRock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX ac review

The motherboard manufacturer ASRock has just presented its first gaming motherboard, in mini ITX format, for the AMD X470 chipset. The new ASRock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX / ac is a very compact motherboard but it has all the necessary additions to make it a good model for that segment of small computers. With the processors with Bulldozer core, few were the brands that dared with the segment of gaming motherboards in mini ITX format. Something that, on the other hand, we consider quite logical, if we consider that the performance in games of these processors, was far from being spectacular. In those years, the brand that “split the cod” was Intel, and for its processors yes that many motherboards came out in this format.

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New AMD Ryzen 2 processors: AMD Ryzen 3 2100, 2300X, Threadripper 2900X, 2920X, 2950X

AMD finally adds models of AMD Ryzen 3 in its AMD Ryzen 2 processor catalog. To begin the list of the new Ryzen 2000 processors that the company has introduced, we started with the Ryzen 3, the company’s entry range. These will be the AMD Ryzen 3 2100 and the AMD Ryzen 3 2300X, these processors arrive with four cores without SMT.

New AMD Ryzen 2 processors

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Asus Arez graphics cards announced

Asus Arez graphics cards

Asus has changed its for AMD Radeon RX-series graphics cards. This means that the Nvidia graphics cards will continue to carry STRIX brand name and AMD GPUs will carry AREZ branding. This will help gamers identify an Asus branded AMD GPU easily. These graphics cards will be made available in selected markets from May 2018. Asus has upgraded the software too with each AREZ GPU coming with GPU Tweak II that makes gaming and overclocking easier than ever. With just one clock, you will be able to maximize system performance by getting rid of redundant processes and allocating all the available resources automatically to the game.

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Review: Western Digital Green 240 GB, a cheap SSD to improve the performance of your PC

Western Digital Green 240 GB review

Today we can have a top-of-the-range computer, with a next generation Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics, 64 GB of RAM and two 4 TB hard drives each, which, both when starting and when trying to play relatively new games, we will have problems, and those responsible will also be the latter. For a long time, the bottleneck of computers has been on hard drives, and they are very slow compared to the speed of other components. Therefore, if we really want to take advantage of the performance of a PC it is necessary to resort to the new SSD and, if we also want an economic option, a great alternative is the Western Digital 240 GB. Western Digital is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives in the market. Taking advantage of the boom SSDs were having, in 2015 this company took over Sandisk, a manufacturer that had already entered the SSD market so that WD could easily enter this new market and continue with its same range of products.

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MSI H310-F PRO mining motherboard supports Intel Coffeelake processors

MSI H310-F PRO specifications

With the rise of mining difficulty, the mining craze in cryptocurrency space has toned down in a big way but the companies have not given up. MSI has churned out a new motherboard that supports the LGA1151 socket that support Intel Coffeelake processors. So, if you planning to make a new mining rig with upcoming Pentium and Celeron processors, the MSI H310-F PRO will have you covered.

With 12x PCIe x1 and 1x PCIe x16 slot, the MSI H310-F PRO can handle upto 13 GPUs at a time. There are Molex power connectors in the box that will provide support for the additional GPU power requirements. There are four fan connectors and 2x DDR4 RAM slots. This makes it one of the best motherboard for miners.

This motherboard will be excellent for those who run massive GPU farms. Each machine will be able to run 13 graphics card simultaneously. While people will soon be moving away from Ethereum mining, they will still be able to do Ethereum Classic mining, which was the original Ethereum chain. There are plenty of other cryptocurrencies like Groestlcoin, Vertcoin, Zcash that would require miners to keep their network up and process transactions. However, mining is profitable only for a few. via videocardz