Corsair K83 wireless keyboard review–wireless keyboard for Steam Link, control your SmartTV or play the console or smartphone

Corsair has just presented its new Corsair K83 wireless keyboard, designed to control all the entertainment of the home, comfortably sitting in the living room of our house. And is that this new model of the brand, makes the compatibility with different entertainment devices, one of its main advantages. Because this wireless keyboard is not only compatible with the use of personal computers. It is also with the use of devices for streaming video, SmartTV or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Turbo will be more expensive but slower than the NVIDIA Founders Edition

We have found out that the next Asus range top graphics cards, the ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, will not only have a higher sales price than the NVIDIA 2080Ti Founders Edition will have, but also, its frequencies will be lower than the frequencies of this graphic card model.

ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Turbo

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ECS LIVA Z2 review: a mini PC with Intel Gemini Lake that plays 4K without problems


Despite the fact that smart televisions carry more and more functionalities and allow us to reproduce all kinds of content, sometimes it is preferable to have a computer directly connected to have total flexibility. Today we analyze the ECS LIVA Z2, a mini PC with Windows 10 and Intel Gemini Lake 14 nm processor capable of decoding HEVC by hardware, the codec used by 4K videos.

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Next-gen consoles will need 7.4 TFLOPs to reach 4K and 30 FPS

Xbox One X

A lot of emphasis is being placed, now that the two main consoles of the market are approaching the end of their life cycle, in which the next-gen consoles should be able to move the games with a 4K resolution and, at least, with a fps rate of 30 FPS. AMD has a lot to say about this. According to statements from AMD by Timothy Lottes, for a next-gen console to be able to play content at a 4K resolution and at least 30 FPS, it would need the console to be able to generate up to 7.4 TFLOPS of capacity. computation on the part of your graphic card. And we’re talking about doing it with a level of detail similar to what the current PlayStation 4 can produce.

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Shuttle XPC SZ270R9 Review: a barebone mini PC for gaming

Shuttle XPC SZ270R9

The Shuttle SZ270R9 means a clear evolution in terms of the design that Shuttle was developing in its barebones. It is true that it does not renounce the high quality materials such as aluminum but as true as the previous statement is that Shuttle is one of the last manufacturers in which we would think that it is going to point to the fashion of LED RGB lighting. And that is called Marketing or, as some say, renew or die. There is a growing desire to give that touch of originality to the PC and, in a world where everything is invented, that touch of originality is obtained with designs, at least, carefree, cheerful and, why not, a little aggressive.

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Intel Core i7-8650U vs Core i7-8550U benchmark: which processor is best for your laptop

Intel Core i7-8650U vs Core i7-8550U benchmark

Today we benchmark the Intel Core i7-8650U and the Intel Core i7-8550U, what should be in our future laptop? If we look at the specifications of these processors we find very similar data. Both processors are part of the eighth generation Kaby Lake R and are manufactured using the 14 nm process. Both have a maximum of four cores and eight threads, with a TDP of 15 W and integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620. If we continue reading your file, we find that they support dual-channel DDR4 RAM up to 2400 MHz and the sets Manual, AVX2, Quick Sync, Virtualization and AES-NI.

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Best mini laptop of 2018: Top 10 mini laptops 2018 – Best mini laptop with long battery

Which is the best mini laptop of 2018?

The experts have spoken and have enlisted the best mini laptop and netbook of the year 2017 all of which are cheap and reliable.

Let true laptop experts find the best mini laptop of 2018 for you. Mini Laptops also knows as Netbooks were supposed to be dead in 2010 but they are still going strong thanks to their cheap price tags and portability factor. Back then Asus was the most dedicated netbook manufacture and that fact holds true even now as they were ones behind this year’s hotseller, the Asus T102 which is shown below. Any way here is the list of best mini laptop netbook of 2018. Mini laptops are popular for their all day battery life, compact size and light weight chassis. These devices can be put into small briefcase bags or even carried by hand. That is why even our team prefer using the best netbook instead of a beefy laptop.
best mini laptop 2017

When looking for best mini laptop of 2017, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t have to suffer buyer’s remorse later. The first and foremost thing is screen size and resolution. A best mini laptop should have full HD resolution. Full HD mini laptops can be a little expensive so if you are budget, you will normally find most mini laptops with HD resolution which is either 1366×768 or 1280×800. This is fine for doing casual web surfing. But a full HD ultrabook laptop really helps in making you work with more data at a time. Also, the images and text look much more crisp.

Next thing to look for is storage. If you are in market for a cheap and fast mini laptop, then you should go for these new eMMC powered mini laptops. This new storage standard is like a cheaper version of SSD that stores data in flash. This allows manufactures to make thin, light mini laptops that are super easy to carry around. Storage is expendable via memory slots. But if you want a lot of storage out of box, then getting mini laptop with hard disk is a better idea. This is slower but gets you a lot of storage to play with.

Lenovo Yoga 710

The compact, powerful Lenovo Yoga 710 puts everything you need right in your hands—at work, at home, virtually anywhere. This HP notebook is the perfect size to take on the go packing touchscreen with full HD resolution allowing you see more and work with more content at a time. It is incredibly powerful packing ultra-low voltage Intel i5 processor with whopping 4MB cache for smooth multi tasking experience. Storage comes in form of 128GB SSD that is backed by 8GB RAM to for excellent end-user experience. This is the most powerful and best mini laptop of 2018.

Lenovo Yoga 710
* 11.6″ Full HD multitouch 1920 x 1080 screen with IPS technology, 360° flip-and-fold design
* Intel 7th generation Core i5-7Y54 with 4M Cache, goes up to 3.20 GHz
* 8GB DDR3, 128GB solid state drive (SSD), Intel HD Graphics 615
* Weighs 2.29 lbs. and measures 0.6″ thin

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E

Thinkpad laptops have legendary reputation in terms of build quality and reliable performance. This Lenovo laptop computer is a great value in mobile computing. Its bright, 11.6-inch HD resolution screen showcases movies and games in brilliant color. Its fast 128GB SSD is paired to a 4GB RAM that keeps it running smooth at all times. The storage is flash type so applications and system software loads near instantly.  The screen packs touchscreen letting you interact with your fingers directly. Easily the best mini laptop of 2018. If you’re looking to use a laptop for many years to come, there is nothing more reliable in the market other than the Thinkpad.
Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 2-in-1

# 11.6″ 2-in-1 Convertible HD Touchscreen Premium Laptop, best in class build quality
# Intel Core M-5Y10C Dual-Core Processor
# 128GB SSD, 4GB DDR3 Memory

Lenovo Ideapad 110S

The 11.6-inch Lenovo 110S fits the bill if you’re looking for a budget-friendly laptop that can easily handle a range of everyday computing tasks. This Lenovo laptop is also preloaded with Microsoft Office 2016 to make it easy for you to get things done according to your schedule. Tweaked and made especially for windows 10, the Lenovo Ideapad 110S is has dual core Intel Celeron CPU onboard for brisk performance and all day battery life. It is thin, attractive and easy to carry around anywhere you go.

# 11.6 Inch Energy Efficient LED Backlight HD Display
# Intel Celeron dual-core N3060 processor
# 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Flash Storage, expandable via micro SD card slot

Lenovo N22

The compact 11.6″ HD display makes enjoying entertainment easy when traveling, and with full-size keyboard and superb connectivity you can stay productive wherever you are. Enjoy more and work harder anywhere you go thanks to the lightweight design and powerful performance of the stylish Lenovo N22. The keyboard is water-resistant so no need to worry if you accidently spill some water on it. It won’t short circuit the laptop.

Lenovo N22

# 11.6-inch High Performance Laptop, TrueLife 1366 x 768 HD LED-backlit Anti-Glare Display
# Intel Celeron N3050 1.6GHz processor with dual cores
# 4GB DDR3 RAM, 32GB Flash eMMC Storage, Rotatable Webcam, Water-Resistant Keyboard, Windows 10 Pro, 0.88″ Thin, 2.8lbs Weight

Asus T102HA

This netbook features a eye-catching and useful detachable keyboard. The keyboard while small is easy to type on thanks to finger-friendly chiclet layout. Moreover, the screen packs touch panel and a quad core processor that promises incredible 11 hour battery life.
Asus T102HA

# 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop
# Intel Atom Quad Core x5-Z8350 Processor
# 128GB Solid State storage, pen and keyboard included, 4GB RAM for fast and efficient performance

Dell i3162-0000BLU

Built with everyday use in mind, it’s perfect for both work and play. You get the performance of the Intel Celeron processor, and it’s full of features such as a large clickable touchpad, HD web camera, and the built-in ports and connectivity you need. It looks very attractive in person and is well-designed too.
Dell i3162-0000BLU

# 11.6-inch 1366×768 pixel display
# Intel Celeron N3050 processor
# 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC flash storage, expandable memory card slot, Windows 10

HP Pavilion x2

Ultra-portable and incredibly affordable, the HP Pavilion x2 transforms from a tablet to a notebook in a snap. With the power of Windows 10 you need for work, and the tablet you want to stay entertained, it goes with you everywhere at a price that’s just right.
HP Pavilion X2

# 10.1″ diagonal WXGA IPS screen with 1280×800 resolution
# Intel Atom X5-Z8350 quad core CPU
# 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC

Dell i3168-0027RED

The Dell Inspiron i3168 is a compact, travel-friendly touchscreen mini laptop designed for those who are always on the go. While it packs the power, fast storage and battery life of a much larger machine, this highly portable laptop is ready to move.
Dell i3168-0027RED

# 11.6″ HD 2-In-1 Laptop+Tablet, 1366×768 pixels, touchscreen display
# Intel Celeron N3060


Everyday computing has never looked better than the Asus X205TA. Combining ultra-portability with a unique design, the 11.6” display is held within a thin and lightweight body that is also the home to a well designing, near-full size keyboard. It’s light enough to pick up while on the run, and powerful enough to last all day so you can finish your daily tasks.
Asus VivoBook E200HA

# 1.6-inch HD LED Backlight Display
# Intel Atom Z8350 1.44GHz Processor, quad cores
# 2GB DDR3 Memory, 32GB Hard Drive, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Windows 10 Pre-installed and 1 year Office 365

Dell Inspiron 11.6

The 11.6” Dell Inspiron touchscreen mini laptop features a capacitive 10-point touchscreen in a sleek, stylish design with a metallic exterior finish. Backed by a powerful Intel processor, long battery life and a very comfortable keyboard, it delivers the smart performance of a laptop, while also providing the touch conveniences of best tablet. It’s the best mini laptop of 2018 with convertible design.

Intel Pentium N3710 1.6 GHz Processor (2 MB Cache)
4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
11.6-Inch Convertible touchscreen laptop, 8 hours of battery life, Windows 10 Home 64-bit

HP Stream 11-y010nr

Whether you’re playing catch-up at work or just enjoying a casual afternoon at the local coffee shop, the HP Stream 11-y010nr is made to enhance your everyday computing experience. Its 11.6” screen has been given anti glare coating to let you work in all sorts of environments – bright or dim. Its Celeron processor is great for doing office tasks, some light photoshop and more. Battery life is more 7-8 hours on single charge. Top mini laptop of 2018.
HP Stream 11-y010nr

Intel Celeron N3050 processor, integrated graphics
4 GB RAM, 32GB eMMC storage, microSD card slot
11.6-Inch Screen, 1366×768 pixels, Free Office 365 Personal for one year