Train Crisis Launches on Steam Today: classic train strategy game is enhanced with better visuals and adapted controls

Train Crisis steam download

Train Crisis is a puzzle strategy game where you have to guide trains with different color each towards their corresponding destination. The game is set in 4 distinct historical contexts such as the Industrial Revolution, the Far West, the Modern Era and the Future. It contains 168 levels and it brights with stylized 3D visuals. The direction of the trains can be modified by changing junctions, timing traffic lights, avoiding traps in tunnels, and blowing up barriers. The full price of Train Crisis is 4.99 dollars but you can get it now for at 15 percent discount.

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Best computer for casual gaming and web browsing

There are two kinds of computers in the market – one is for doing daily tasks and second type is for professional users and hardcore gamers. So, if you are looking for best computer for casual gaming and web browsing, the first type will give you an underpowered computer. The second type will be expensive and you will never be able to fully utilize the power. So what should you look for when choosing the best computer for casual gaming and browsing?

Graphics card – The top end computers come with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti/1070/1060 or AMD RX580/570 graphics cards which are overkill if you are a casual gamer. Those GPUs are ideal for 4k 60FPS gaming. As expected, they are expensive. Get a computer with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1030 or 1050 GPU. AMD RX560 is excellent budget buyas well and works like a charm for casual gamer. These GPUs support hardware acceleration which makes web browsing experience better.

amd rx580

Processor – The top end machines feature lots of cores and threads. They run at incredibly high clock speeds and thus cost a lot of money. If you are a casual gamer, something like Intel Core i3-7100U should suffice. It is a 7th generation processor and extremely efficient. Even AMD A10/A12 APUs will work just fine when you are browsing on the various online gaming sites and gaming portals. Web browsers are getting more and more CPU intensive and multi threaded, modern processor like the one mentioned above will help deliver smoother experience.

Intel Core i3-7100U

Screen resolution – Many people skip this part. Screen resolution plays a crucial role in gaming, even for a casual gamer. Full HD resolution is a must have in ultrabooks, laptops and desktop computers. A full HD screen ensures you are able to see more at a time which is helpful while doing web browsing. Also, since so many pixels are tightly packed, everything looks crisp. While it is totally possible to find 4K monitor in more expensive laptops and computers, they are not cheap and again, overkill for casual gaming. They also make the text look way too small, which puts strain on the eyes.

Best computer for casual gaming and web browsing

Storage and memory –For most computer games, 1TB hard disk is more than enough. You will find hybrid storage in high end laptops but they are easily drive the price up. Now, let us talk about memory. Most modern games eat around 8GB RAM while running. More is better so make sure you are able to upgrade it to 16GB RAM in future. If you have tight budget, just make sure it has 8GB RAM minimum otherwise you will have several hiccups while playing modern games.

HTC U11 Eyes specifications: HTC U11 Eyes comes with Snapdragon 652, Edge Sense and two selfie cameras

HTC U11 Eyes specifications

HTC U11 Eyes is a new mid range smartphone from the Taiwanese company. HTC U11 Eyes specifications include 6-inch FHD + Super LCD display (2160 x 1080 pixels) with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM that is expandable via microSD card slot. The highlights of this android phone are its pair of 5 megapixel cameras which allow you to take portrait photos in bokeh mode; record video calls of good quality and perform the task of facial recognition. On the back, however, HTC decided not to change and chose the same 12-megapixel UltraPixel sensor that was used in the HTC U11. Also is its specifications sheet are its sheer number of wireless radios that include dual-band 802.11ac WiFi module, Bluetooth 4.2, 4G-LTE (dual-SIM), VoLTE, NFC and GPS. Its 3930 mAh battery has support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

Even HTC U11 Eyes, like all other models in the family, incorporates the revolutionary and highly acclaimed Edge Sense technology. With a simple grip, you can start the camera and take pictures, call the voice assistant, open any application and much more.

HTC U11 Eyes specs

The operating system is Android Nougat with the Edge Sense user interface, probably upgradable to Android 8.0 Oreo. As far as we know HTC U11 Eyes will be available initially in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan at a price close to 400 euros.

ECS Liva Plus ZE with RS232 connectivity for industrial equipment


The manufacturer specializing in mini PCs and motherboards, ECS has announced the launch of the new addition to its catalog, the new ECS Liva Plus ZE, a mini PC that stands out for incorporating two RS232 ports to make it compatible with old and industrial devices, and equipped of a high power in small format to be able to supply any type of need that the user may have. Generally the mini PCs usually have two types of uses: either as a basic business Office / HTPC or home equipment, or for industrial applications, where equipment that occupies little space and makes little noise is needed. And it is for the latter for which this Liva Plus ZE has been created with two RS232ports, so that it can be used in industrial applications such as for connecting TPVs, three-dimensional scanners, plotters and a long list of devices that still use this one. connection type.

ECS Liva Plus ZE specifications

But having “old” – legacy connectivity does not mean that the equipment is not modern, and ECS has displayed a wide range of possibilities under the casing of this equipment. For example, it is powered by seventh generation Intel Core processors – Celeron 3965U, Core i3-7100U, Core i5-7200U, and i5-7500U, also compatible with Intel vPro technology for virtualization, are compatible with up to 32 GB of memory DDR4 RAM – in two 16 GB modules in SO-DIMM format, and have an M.2 socket compatible with PCI-Express 3.0 x4 SSDs and also SATA.

In addition to the RS232 ports, the Liva Plus ZE does not fall short in terms of connectivity, as it incorporates four USB 3.0 ports – three of them Type-A and one Type-C reversible, two mouths RJ-45 gigabit, WiFi 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, stereo audio output and HDMI 1.4 video outputs and mini DisplayPort. As you can see, it is a fairly complete team in all aspects, and that only measures 117 x 128 x 51 mm and consumes a maximum of 65 watts. Now, regarding the price and availability date, the manufacturer has not said anything yet.

Corsair HS50 stereo headphones for gamers released


The manufacturer Corsair has just presented its new Corsair HS50 stereo headphones. These new supra-aural helmets have been thought to provide all the comfort. And the comfort that professional video game players require. But without sacrificing the precision and richness of the sounds they hear, given that they are a fundamental part of the battle. The custom 50mm neodymium speaker transducers deliver superior sound quality. With wide range and precision, while the removable microphone with Discord certification. As well as volume controls and mute on the handset itself. They facilitate an adjustment on the fly without having to leave the game. The HS50 are connected through a 3.5 mm connector. That achieves a wide compatibility, available in color carbon, green Xbox One or blue PS4. The HS50 brings the award-winning Corsair quality audio to all PC, console and mobile players.

Regardless of whether they play at a desk, on the couch or on the train. Nothing should be interposed between the action and the user. Thanks to the adjustable viscoelastic foam pads, the HS50 are designed to offer such exceptional comfort that you will forget you are wearing them. Gone are the days of coarse gaming headphones that sounded as bad as they looked. With a minimalist style, subtle stitching, an aluminum frame and custom 50mm neodymium speaker transducers, the HS50 look wonderful and sound even better.

The new Corsair HS50 helmets are compatible with all current gaming platforms. Players demand great audio wherever they go, whether on the PC in the console or on a mobile device. With the 3.5 mm universal connector, it is easy to connect the HS50 to the PC (through the Y-cable adapter that is offered), to the PS4, to the Xbox One or to the phone. Thanks to the removable microphone, the HS50 are perfect for playing anywhere. When you want to sit and play, the optimized unidirectional microphone will reduce ambient noise to improve voice quality. It has the Discord certification. So your teammates will hear you clearly, no matter how intense the game is.

With the aluminum structure, the legendary quality of the CORSAIR design and fantastic audio on PC, console and mobile, the HS50 has been designed to be comfortable and to be perfect for battle.

Intel Z390 motherboard spotted in SiSoft Sandra benchmark


Z390 Express Socket LGA1151 manufactured by SuperMicro has been spotted on SiSoft Sandra benchmark. It is surprising to find indications of this chipset since its launch is scheduled for the second half of 2018, which indicates that Intel may be trying to accelerate its launch. According to the manufacturer’s official launch schedule, the Z390 Express chipset should be launched in the second half of next year, and would come after the H370 Express, B360 Express and H310 Express chipset that will arrive in the first half of 2018. This is the reason why it is strange to see already signs that there are already motherboards with the Z390 chipset, and not only because it seems too early because we should have seen something from the others before, since they will be launched to the market beforehand. 

The Intel Z390 Express chipset adds some improvements to the existing platform (Z370) but nothing particularly substantial. Things like a programmable quad-core DSP audio processor or the SoundWire audio interface are fine, but they can not be considered important. There are other things that do have something more important, such as the integrated USB 3.1 controller, the WLAN controller 802.11ac integrated – yes, with an external PHY, SDIO controller for card readers also integrated, or compatibility with the new controller Thunderbolt 3.0 “Titan Ridge”. They are improvements to the platform that have more or less weight, but as we said nothing that has a real weight on the platform.

We’ll see anyway what happens in the end. Since the manufacturer of the plate is SuperMicro, a manufacturer that usually focuses on OEM and industrial systems rather than the general public, it is quite possible that it was simply an oversight by an Intel engineer who was doing the first tests and forgot to uncheck the option to upload the benchmark result directly to the database after the test.

HP 12 inch convertible laptop with Snapdragon 835 processor running Windows 10 spotted on Geekbench, specs inside


First HP laptop with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and windows 10 has been spotted on popular benchmark website, geekbench that has given us some information on its specifications. Scheduled to be launched at the end of 2017, this HP 12 inch laptop is a convertible laptop with touchscreen display that can be used as slate tablet by folding the screen. Specifications include Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it runs Windows 10S / Windows 10 32 bit OS. Processor’s clock speed is said to be between 1.9-2.2GHz backed by 4GB / 8GB RAM so the performance is not going to win any awards.

However, the price is going to be much cheaper than its Intel counterparts. Plus, the battery life is going to be much more than any other Intel processor. We are not saying there are no Intel-powered laptops with long battery life but they are no way as efficient as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.


That being said, if you are planning to use your laptop for heavy duty tasks like Auto CAD or Solidworks or gaming, do not even think of buying a laptop with ARM processor like Qualcomm because they simple do not have enough power to run 3D modeling applications smoothly.

Asus FX553 VD VE Overheating Problem solution


If you own a Asus FX553 VD or VE and find the laptop running incredibly hot, we have a solution for your problem. But first we need to understand why the Asus FX553 runs so hot. The main reason is the fact it comes with a standard voltage processor which has a tendency to run so hot. However, there is a limit to everything and if the temperature crosses a limit, the laptop will turn itself off.

Many users of Asus FX553 laptop say that the processor reaches as high as 88 degrees Celsius and GPU reaching as high as 80 degrees. Excessive heat is not good for either graphics card or the processor and can significantly reduce the lifespan of your Asus FX553 laptop.

Even if you take your Asus FX553 to service center, they would not do anything other than applying some simple thermal paste here and there.

There is a solution to overheating problem though – by buying the IC Diamond thermal paste, the laptop’s temperature will go down considerably. This means you will have open the laptop to get access to the motherboard where you will find both the processor and graphics card. Applying some IC Diamond solves this problem.

Gfycat Minute-Long GIF Support Added

Gfycat has added a new GIF feature that promises to transform how we share short form content: longer GIFs that fully capture product demos, gamer reels, tutorials, and DIYs. Until now, the Gfycat supported only 15 seconds GIF which was not enough most of the time. The company listened to its customers and has added support for minute-long GIFs now.

Gfycat Minute-Long GIF

So, now the users do not have crop or speed up their highlights, or find other ways to “hack” Gfycat’s 15-second limit. Users begged and pleaded for longer GIFs to fully capture their moments of glory. In response, Gfycat decided to roll out one-minute GIF support so gamers could create better highlight reels, makeup artists could create better DIY videos, and chefs could better demonstrate their recipes.

Richard Rabbat, Gfycat CEO said

Gaming is a 91 billion dollar industry, and obviously we want to ensure that gamers bring out their inner creator through the tools we provide to make the best possible content. The short video has become a core part of how we interact today, whether that’s in the form of a GIF, a snap, or an Instagram video, what we’re witnessing is a seismic shift in communication.