Logitech G913 and G813 keyboards with aluminum chassis released

Logitech Co Ltd has churned two mechanical gaming keyboard products – G913 and G813. Both offer same set of specifications with G913 being the wireless model and G813 being the wired model. The keyboard features a thin casing with aviation-grade 5052 aluminum alloy on the top, and the body thickness is limited to 22mm. Equipped with a unique low-profile mechanical switch jointly developed with Kaihua, it has a durability of 50 million key strokes.

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Download Official Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e Firmware–Firmware of SM-G975FD SM-G970F/DS SM-G973FD

official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S10

Are you looking for full official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus (S10+) / S10e? Well, if you have a corrupted operating system, you would need to flash the firmware. Another possible scenario is that you have installed custom firmware and you want to go back to original firmware. For this, you will have to download and install the original firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus (S10+) / S10e.

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Thermalright TFX: new thermal paste that achieves the record of conductivity

Thermalright TFX

The world of thermal pastes was stagnant for many years in terms of performance. We had to wait for the liquid metal TIMs to see a thermal conductivity jump, where later manufacturers like Thermal Grizzly released lower-fat versions of these. Today, another top manufacturer such as Thermalright has just announced its new TFX thermal paste, setting a new record of thermal conductivity.

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AMD Threadripper 2990WX vs Intel Core i9-7980XE benchmark – AMD Threadripper 2990WX would be 53% more powerful than the Intel Core i9-7980XE

AMD Threadripper 2990WX benchmark

In what may be nothing but a red herring unintentionally, the web of AMD France has made public the details of performance of the new processor AMD Threadripper 2990WX, the new processor top-end brand, with 32 inner cores and 64 data processing threads, thanks to the use of SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading) technology.

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Paradox Soul game is available on Steam: chilling fight for exploration and survival

download Paradox Soul game

Paradox Soul is now available on Steam. It is a 2D explorative action-shooter hybrid where you play Dr Alli Rose who is a research scientist who stumbles across a peculiar test facility, determined to unravel the mystery and take on whatever evil is in her path. In the game, you shoot, cover and dash your way through this nightmarish Metroidvania game.

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Download Galaxy Alpha CM13 ROM: Cyanogen Mod 13 Galaxy Alpha firmware – Cyanogenmod Android Marshmallow ROM for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Download Galaxy Alpha CM13 ROM

Android Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy Grand Alpha may never be released but folks at XDA have churned out a firmware via its cyanogen mod channels. This brings CM13 aka cyanogenmod 13 to the Galaxy Alpha android phone which is Android 6 Marshmallow. Its developer says a lot of hours were put into this project to iron out the bugs but some may still be there. So be careful.

To install this Cyanogen Mod 13 Galaxy Alpha firmware, you will need to have Galaxy Alpha custom recovery onboard to let you install custom third party firwmares on it.

To install the ROM, you will need to install sboot which is a custom bootloader. Alternatively, you can install LL ROM via Samsung update option. Suggested modem version is: G850FXXU2COK6 or newer.

After that, download the ROM and copy it to a USB drive and use a USB OTG cable to flash the ROM. Keep in mind that this ROM does not come with Gapps but you can easily install them otherwise from opengapps.org.

Synology DS216j review: new affordable NAS for home

Synology DS216j review

The specialist network storage systems (NAS) Synology has announced the newest addition to its portfolio of home – oriented devices. This is the Synology DiskStation DS216j , a simple but powerful NAS two bays that already can buy a recommended price 175 euros with VAT included.

The DS216j incorporates a dual-core processor seeing improved performance over previous versions of DS216 with the addition of an integrated floating point unit that accelerates the generation of thumbnails. Similarly, the new processor allows the NAS generate speeds of data transmission 112.75 MB / s read and 97.6 MB of writing, but always depends on the speed of the hard drives we install within and the ability of the network to which we connect the DS216j.

Synology DS216j reviews

According to Synology, the DS216j consumes only 6.95 watts when both disks in hibernation, reaching a maximum consumption of 14.85 watts with both at full capacity. Thanks to these features, users can enjoy an experience fast and efficient use. Synology DS214se specs can be read here.

On the other hand, as always it Synology NAS uses the DSM interface (Disk Station Manager) brand, one of the best operating systems for NAS which allows almost any task, from integration with domains and creating LUN to volume configuration or RAID systems and internal course management applications, Synology NAS because as it allows access from outside the network with File DS and other applications.

review of Synology DS216j

Has said Jason Fan, product manager of Synology, “Thanks to the intuitive user interface of Synology, its platform to date and its versatile features, we expect the DS216j to become one of the best servers for Hoga. It is aimed at users who need a NAS to play, share and synchronize media content in the home, in addition to store data clear “.

As we advanced at first, Synology has already put on its website the new DS216j available to users at a price of 175.45 euros including VAT, and should soon reach its network of distributors and usual shops.

MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 launched

MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 review

On the thirtieth anniversary of MSI as a manufacturer of motherboards, it has released a new top-end motherboard for socket LGA115, the MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 . The new motherboard has four slots DDR4 RAM and features a SATA Express connector and another connector NVMe to cover all storage options that want to install it without fear users that are becoming obsolete.

MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 reviews

The new motherboard MSI Z170A Krait Gaming x3 has the white color scheme and distinctive black of the Krait family base MSI plates with bright white applied to heat sinks and ports, contrasting with the PCB black and touches of red reminiscent of the origins “Gaming” family. Leaving these details aside, the MSI Z170A Krait Gaming 3X is a new offering in the segment of equipment where premium performance and is designed and manufactured using the ATX form factor that allows maximum scalability in terms of components internal refers to this type of computers.

MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 benchmark

The MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 gets the energy for operation of two power connectors, one main 24-pin and one 8-pin power EPS, apart from employing a VRM 7 phases in charge of conditioning energy for for processing coils which employs high capacity “Titanium”.

The LGA1151 socket is connected to four DIMM slots DDR4 memory with a maximum speed of DDR4-3600 supported, which have been configured to use the dual-channel and two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots. The remaining expansion slots of the plate include a third slot PCIe 3.0 x16 (electrical connection with x4) which is connected to the Z170 PCH, and four PCIe 3.0 x1 slots other.

Storage connectivity includes an M.2 slot with a data transmission capacity of 32 Gb / s, a SATA-Express port 16 Gb / s capacity and six SATA3 ports 6 Gb / s. The integrated audio card with a Audio Boost ditch solution that provides dual headphone amplifiers, specific capacitors for audio applications, degree of isolation layer of soil, Nahimic Audio Enhancer and 115 dBA SNR CODEC. The network architecture is performed by a controller Intel I219-V GbE. Modern connectivity includes two USB 3.1 ports (one each of type A and type C on the rear panel) and six USB 3.0 ports.

Galaxy S Tab Pro with Windows 10 price: on sale in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S Tab Pro with Windows 10 is on sale in Europe and it packs some great specs. This include the dual core Intel Core M3 6y30 processor that runs at 900MHz which can run at 2.2 GHz under heavy load. The processor is accompanied by Intel HD graphics 515 integrated chip that runs between 300-850MHz. It will go on sale for about 999 euros.

Galaxy S TabPro with Windows 10 price

Other Samsung Galaxy S Tab Pro specs include 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and windows 10 home operating system. There are three variants of it: wi-fi only version at 999 euros, windows 10 pro version at 1099 euros and LTE windows 10 pro variant at 1199 euros. Intel Core M3 6y30 benchmark can be seen here.

While you can purchase the entry level Surface Pro 4 at this price, you must keep in mind that Surface Pro does not come with type keyboard cover and you must shell out more money to get it.