Ballistic Tough Jacket for Blackberry PlayBook Review

The Ballistic Tough Jacket for the Blackberry PlayBook is a lot like most other Ballistic cases, especially those we’ve reviewed here previously. It offers up multi-layer protection, including an inner, flexible layer that surrounds your tablet and a much more rigid outer layer. Both layers include slots for your various ports to still be accessible, like your camera and volume controls, and the inner layer clips into the outer layer. Plus, the outer layer also includes a kickstand so you can use the tablet on a flat surface, like an easel.

Ballistic Tough Jacket for Blackberry PlayBook Review

Basically, if you want a way to protect your Blackberry PlayBook from anything short of small arms fire, Ballistic is the place you look. There’s an incredible amount of protection here that should protect your tablet from drops measuring in feet. As the back of the box gleefully advertises, it meets certain military specifications for protection against drops.

Admittedly, it’s a bit clunky, at first, but you’ll likely get used to it in short order. And if you’re one of those folks out there with bigger hands, like myself, you’ll appreciate having that little something extra to grab on to while you’re toting your tablet.

Of course, protection of this caliber will be a bit expensive–$69.99 from Ballistic, though I found it for $36.20 elsewhere, so shop around. Still, if you want to protect your Blackberry PlayBook, you’ll be very well served by a Ballistic case.

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