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While there is no doubt about your love for spending most of your free time playing Royal Vegas online video poker on your smartphone, you should also devote some time to understand the other apps, especially technical ones. Spend some time understanding these apps and how they increase the power of your mobile device instead of using it only to access the internet to watch movies, listen to streaming audio, and play online games. It is time to remove the useless applications and fill up the free internal memory with these apps. The problem lies in finding the appropriate apps, given that the Google Play store has many of them in its repertoire. Here are some of the leading tech apps for Android phones.

Hunting for the torch

Are you willing to navigate through several screens to light your mobile’s torch, when you can do it with a single swipe of the left edge of your mobile’s screen? ASAP Launcher allows you to do just that. Swiping the left edge brings up the app drawer arranged in alphabetical order. Swiping the right edge displays shortcuts and toggles for calendar events, list of contacts, and much more.

Blurred pictures

While your Android phone might have a 14 megapixel camera, you will always end up with blurred pictures in case your mobile does not have a dedicated shutter key. The position of this key is positioned so awkwardly in certain models, that the user ends up pressing two keys by mistake (generally the volume key) and end up with a different option (such as screen grab). If your mobile has a fingerprint sensor, purchase the Dactyl app. It permits you to use the scanner as the shutter.

Intelligent application

Have you faced the problem of finding your favorite emoji to append at the end of your text message? Solve the problem of browsing through hundreds of images to find the appropriate one with the help of Dango. Type words like `smile,’ `bye,’ or `kiss’ and you will see an assortment of suitable emojis on your screen. You can ignore them if you so want.

Flick of the hand does the task

Imagine the simplicity of launching an application with the flick of the wrist. Install Gravity Gestures on your smartphone to enjoy that feature. You can set it to lunch different applications by shaking the phone in different directions. You can program it to open the browser when you flick your wrist in the left direction. This allows you to gain access to Royal Vegas online video poker site and enjoy your favorite games. You can listen to your favorite music tracks by flicking your wrist in a different direction.

Time to relax

Are you strained after a hectic day at the office and want to relax? Worry not because Noisli provides you with a wide range of soothing background music tracks such as the sound of waves rolling into shore, or a gentle breeze. This application also includes a timer, which allows you to play the sounds for a set duration. Put the headphones on, and soothe yourself with pleasing notes instead of listening to the honking of cars while returning home from office.

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