Best Windows 8 Games

If you are on tight budget and own a laptop or desktop that runs windows 8 operating system, we have compiled a list of the best games that you can play on your computer. Note that you will need a windows live account to log into the windows store application to download and play these amazing games. So make sure you get a valid windows live account now.

Best Windows 8 Games

First game on our list is Robotek which is a port from the android platform. It is a fast pacing game and has a nice electronic soundtrack. In the game, you play the role of the human that is trying to take the world back from evil robots that have taken over the world.

If you are fan of online games, then online casino games like Mansion 88 is a great choice and you will burn countless hours playing a large selection or variations of casino games. You can choose from traditional casino games to movies, other games and TV series inspired games and a lot more fun things.

Next on our list Halo Spartan Strike that currently retails for mere $0.99. This is a universal application so if you buy it for windows 8, you will be able to play it on your windows phone running WP8.1 or windows 10 mobile. We prefer playing it on the big screen as it shows better graphics and we see more enemies at a time. It is made by Microsoft and most popular game of windows 8 store.

Halo Spartan Strike

Another super amazing game is Jetpack Joyride which is available for free from the windows 8 store. It is available for windows phone, android and iOS as well and can be found on top 10 charts in any platform. People love it because it is so simple to play but the gameplay can get difficult as you proceed in game. Your mission is to survive and collect coins which are later used to buy upgrades. It is an Xbox live game so you earn achievements – just like you earn on Xbox.

If you love sniper, consider checking out this game called Awesome Zombie Sniper. It is a free game and lakes little getting used to in the beginning. But once you get hold of game, you will find yourself addicted to it. As you move ahead in game, you can buy better zoom lens, health packs and ammo that will help you play better. You can download it for free from windows 8 store.

Another top game is Samurai vs Zombies Defence. Now while we never face such scenario in real life, it is worth playing the game. It is a tower defence game where you move from left to right in which you defend your samurai using small move selection making this a very easy game to play. Like Jetpack Joyride, this is also an Xbox Live game.

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