Burger King To Accept Rewards Mobile Payments Application

Burger King has announced that it will soon be releasing a mobile application that will support a mobile payment platform that will cover 7000 locations in the United States. It already has an e-wallet type payment system which will enhance the application experience. Burger King will also allow the customers to order meals through the app for later pick up. 

Burger King To Accept Rewards Mobile Payments Application

The application is developed by Tillster Inc and will roll out to more locations starting next month. The application will feature coupons that will show up whenever a user adds money to the credit card that is linked with the app. Health-conscious people will appreciate Burger King’s providing nutritional information from its menu in the application.

Right now, the application is limited to Apple iOS devices that includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download it for free from the Apple’s App store. There is no word if it will ever make it to windows phone or Android platform.

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