Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000, N8013 Root

Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 RootBoth Galaxy Note N8000 and N8013 share same Clockworkmod recoveries which means same custom CWMs (clockwork mod) recoveries can be flashed on either without any modification. Same can be said about rooting them.

So, install CWM in Galaxy Note 10.1 and download super SU file. You can download that file from here. Put the in the root of your SD card. Now, we will put it in recovery mode. To do that, press volume up and power button. It will reset. Let go of power but keep the volume up button pressed. You will boot in recovery mode. Select “install zip from sdcard” and browse for the using volume up and down buttons. Select power to flash the file. Your Galaxy Note 10.1 will boot up rooted.

Galaxy Note N8000 vs N8013 – The only difference between these two tablets is the presence of 3G radio in N8000, which is absent in N8013.
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Galaxy Note 10.1 Reviews are impressive

First Galaxy Note 10.1 reviews are in and most of them are pretty, well, except for the Gizmodo, as expected. Gizmodo did not like the Galaxy Note phone (N7000) and we expected this.

Engadget says,

It’s been a long time — six months, to be exact — since Samsung first gave birth to the Galaxy Note 10.1. Our initial reaction was one of intrigue; a risky bet we were eager to see play out in final form, especially given stiff competition from various quad-core competitors. So, does the Note 10.1 manage to overcome its well-matched rivals and carve out its own spot in the crowded tablet space? Ultimately, no matter how deftly executed and streamlined the S-Pen experience may be, this tab still feels like a niche device, especially since the suite of compatible applications is still pretty small. This is the sort of purchase early adopters and creative professionals are likely to make based on their familiarity with Android and the additional flexibility afforded by that stylus.

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ATT Galaxy Note i717 Tethering

The international version of Galaxy Note phone, the GT-N7000 is sold contract free and comes with tethering enabled. Unfortunately, ATT Galaxy Note does not. ATT Galaxy Note i717 TetheringFortunately, there is a workaround on how to enable tethering on i717 Note. To do it you must first root it.

1) Root ATT Galaxy Note i717
2) Install titanium backup from Google Play Market.
3) Use it to freeze or uninstall TetheringManager.apk in /system/app
4) Then install any Wi-Fi tethering app from market

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Root ATT Galaxy Note i717

Galaxy Note i717 is an amazing phone, but you can do much more after rooting it. For example, you can install apps to underclock or overclock it. You must root in order to install custom CWM which is required if you are going to install a custom ROM on your Note. To enable tethering on i717, you will need to root first so that you can install Titanium backup on it. Here are the steps on how to root your Galaxy Note i717 phone.

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Galaxy Note i717r Roger Firmware

Galaxy Note i717r Roger FirmwareFlashed a custom ROM on your Roger Samsung Galaxy Note (i717r) and now want to go back to the original firmware. For this, you will have take back phone, pda and CSC version to the following version numbers:

Build info Jan 6 2012

You must use the firmware with ODIN only.

1, RWC_signed_Q1_USA_1221.pit (3.89 KB) PIT FILE
2. ABOOT_SGH-I717R_I717RUXLA2_user_CL875155_REV00.tar.md5 (1.54 MB) BOOTLOADER FILE
4. I717RUXLA2_phone_secure_Q1_ROGERS_REV_00_CL870799. tar.md5 (26.09 MB) PHONE FILE
5. SGH-I717R-CSC-RWCLA2.tar.md5 (9.19 MB) CSC FILE

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