Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review, Excellent Accessory for mobile and tablets

Mobile power banks have been around from quite some time but seldom do you find a quality mobile power bank that works reliably and packs adequate amount of charge. Also if it offers fast charging feature, that is even better. Today we are reviewing Tech Armor Active Power 6000 which ticks all of the requirements and more.

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review

The body of Tech Armor Active Power 6000 is covered mostly with soft rubbery material that is great to touch. It is non-slippery and bears a matte finish. On the front of this mobile power bank, you’ll find two USB ports and a flashlight LED.

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review

The two ports allows one to charge two devices at same time. One offers fast recharge feature that is offered by many phones and tablets. So I used the fast charging port to check if my Galaxy Note 3 was indeed charging at faster rate and yes, it was – I double checked it using a free app from play store which shows the charging speed.

On the right side, you’ll find a micro USB port which is used for charging the Tech Armor Active Power 6000 mobile power bank. You can use the included cable or any micro USB charger to top it up.

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review

On the left side is a power button which shows you the amount of juice remaining on the small LED present on top. It is handy as you can plan when to charge it.

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review

The Tech Armor Active Power 6000 has 6000mAh which means you can charge your Galaxy Note phone or any phone at least twice. If you a tablet user, you would still be able to charge it fully at least once.

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 is not very heavy. Infact, it is light enough to be carried around. Its manufacture offers whopping two years of warranty on it and it comes with excellent packaging. The customer support is excellent as it is an American company.

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review

Verdict – whether your phone has good battery life or not, you will want to have Tech Armor Active Power 6000 in your bag. It will top off your phone’s or tablet’s battery in no time and you’ll be able to work / play more on your devices.  Visit for more information.

Galaxy Note 5 to feature dual edge display

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features a dual edge display which makes it more functional than the single edge display of Galaxy Note 4 Edge. If the new report from koreaherald is to be believe, then Samsung might include the same dual edge display design in the Galaxy Note 5 Edge.

note 5 edge

This all depends if the Galaxy S6 Edge enjoys good sales. If it does not then Samsung might do away with the entire Edge range including Galaxy Note 4 Edge and S6 Edge.

It is being said that the Samsung Galaxy 4 Edge is not very successful like the regular Note 4. So only if the S6 Edge is successful, the company will be using the same design in Note 5 Edge.