How Mobile Gaming Continues to Grow

To say the news surrounding mobile gaming are exciting feels like a gross understatement. Of course, it used to be that the same feeling was attached only to PCs and consoles, where developers were working painstakingly to outdo each other in terms of graphics and gameplay. While that still exists to an extent, there’s definitely been a shift in intrigue thanks to the sheer number of people picking up their mobile devices to do more than call, text, tweet, etc. More of us than ever before are gaming on the go, and it doesn’t look like it’s a trend that’s about to die down.

mobile gaming

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Xiaomi Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard specifications are excellent for typists

Xiaomi Cherry MX Red review

Yuemi, one of the many companies that is associated with the mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi, has just put on sale its new complete mechanical keyboard, as a continuation of the TKL model that the company presented last May 2018. And as usual Being usual in the models that come under the auspices of Xiaomi, the specifications do not have much to envy to the models of other brands.

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The Next Trends In Mobile Apps

Mobile markets can be difficult to predict. All we know for sure is that there are going to be new apps coming out at an incredible rate for as long as smartphones remain popular – and possibly long after, depending on what sort of device ultimately replaces what we currently think of as the modern smartphone. Even so however, there are certain trends and tech developments that can allow us to at least make educated guesses about forthcoming trends in the market.


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Which is best antivirus software for Samsung phones?

Google Android is an open source operating system. Being overly open, it is at risk of getting infected from malware and harmful applications. That is you need decent antivirus software on your Samsung phone. There are many free and paid antivirus applications available for them. While the idea of installing antivirus software might seem like an overkill, it is extremely important to protect yourself from dangerous malware. We put many antivirus applications to paces and found AVG antivirus best in terms of performance and features.

avg antivirus

Compatible with both Samsung and other android phones, the AVG antivirus is the number 1 free antivirus for android mobile. It scans applications and games in real time without having any effect on the overall performance. This means that your phone would not bog down with the AVG antivirus application running in the background. It even kills the tasks that it feel would slow down your phone. So, the device keeps running fast at all times.

Samsung Galaxy Note phones are notorious for slowing down after sometime. AVG keeps the entire system and memory optimized to prevent any such slowdowns.

The AVG anti virus app for android makes sure that there are no unsecure settings on your Samsung Galaxy Note. If it founds any, it alerts you and guides you on how to fix them. At the same time, it protects your phone getting infected from malicious applications, malware and spyware.

avg antivirus android phone

Some other nifty features include encrypted Vault and Wi-Fi feature. In Vault, you can store your most private photos in a way that they are not seen by the smartphone’s Gallery or Photos applications. This way, a stranger or friend cannot gain access to the private photos. The vault is protected by password which is only known by you.

avg antivirus android 

Wi-Fi feature lets you scan the 802.11g/b/n wireless networks around you and gives alerts if there are encryption issues. This way, you only connect to the most secure network. It also sends out alerts to its users when it feels that weak passwords are being used.

Verdict – AVG Antivirus for android phones and tablets is a must have application. Android platform is brimming with malware and such application tightens the security and guards it against malicious apps, viruses, malware and spyware.

Movavi Photo Editor review

Unless you are a computer expert, chances are that you are not comfortable with photo editors. This is now a myth as Movavi photo editor is one of the easiest picture editors out there. We were on the quest to find the top photo editors that were dead-easy to use and Movavi application came out on top. It is compatible with both mac and windows and its installation process is seamless and does not require any expert knowledge.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

In fact, it is easiest application out there on either platform to edit photos. Once the installation process has completed, double tap on its app icon to start it. Add the image by clicking “Browse for images” button. You can drag and drop pictures into the application window as well. Movavi photo editor supports batch image processing and lets you work on multiple pictures at once.

It comes with several photo editing tools that you adjust various aspect of the picture. You can play around with brightness, contrast, tint, shadows, highlights, gamma and what not. Increase intensity of an effect by moving slider to right and decrease by moving slider to left. It is really that easy.

Any change you make to the picture is shown in real time so what you see is what you get later. In case you are not satisfied with the effects, you can roll back to original image easily. Also included are basic image editing tools like crop, flip, straight and resize. Resizing allows the user to reduce the overall file size, making them more suitable for email and sharing on social networks.


Another very interesting feature is background swap where you can swap the background with a totally different background. It is also incredibly helpful if you want to remove an unwanted background object or person. To do this, mark the unwanted object with a red marker and things that you want to keep with green marker. The objects will be outlined with yellow color. Now, you will be able to swap the background easily. That is it, you do not need to be an expert to do complex things.

Save the changes by clicking on the Export button. File can be saved in multitude of image formats.

So there you go – Movavi Photo Editor does not require you to be a professional expert and all that you need to use this app are true computer basics.

How to speed up your Mac laptop and clean all unwanted items

All laptops have a tendency of running fast for few months and slowly start slowing down. Same applies for the Mac laptops and desktops that start lagging too much due to bucketful of trash and unneeded files that are not visible to a normal computer user. These trash, junk files gradually accumulate resulting in slugging overall performance. So if you are cannot stand the slowness of your Mac laptop, we suggest using Movavi Mac Cleaner to do away with the junk files creating unpleasant experience.

mac cleanup (1)

Finding and deleting these files is a very time consuming and inefficient way as there are many, many folders on a Mac that have these unneeded files. But if you use Movavi Mac Cleaner, you can safely locate and remove any and every unrequired file, app or game. Removing these files will give your Mac a significant boost in terms of app loading and boot time. You will also free up few gigabytes of storage space.

Getting started with the Movavi Mac Cleaner is very simple – download the DMG installation file from the official website and drag it to the Applications icon on the dock of your Mac. This will automatically install the app on your computer. Start the app and immediately upon opening the app, it will start search and show you the junk files stored on your computer. There is a moving bar at the bottom that will show you the progress. If your Mac has lots of junk files, it can take a couple of minutes.

mac cleanup (2)

If you want the simplest way to clean your Mac without diving into complex tasks, you can straight away tap on the Start Cleaning button to start the deletion of junk files. If you have a hard time understanding English, you can click on the Gear wheel icon and choose a language of your choice.

You can also tell the app to only perform system cleanup or trash cleanup. This section enables you to remove different types of cache and log files. Here you can use on / off switches to specify the types of files you wish to erase. To only remove the trash files, click the Trash Cleanup section.

mac cleanup (3)

You can use the Uninstaller tool to get rid of the applications you don’t use and the leftover junk they leave after uninstallation process. For that, open the Uninstaller menu and let the Mac Cleaner scan the Mac to find all the user applications, OS X apps and junk left after app removal process.

After following these steps, you will now know how to make mac run faster and smoother. You will also free up valuable disk space that was earlier occupied by junk and unwanted files.

Remove Photo Stamp from a Photo Using Movavi

While Samsung Galaxy Note android phones do not add any sort of photo stamp to a photo, most modern cameras do and I find it extremely annoying. While some cameras do offer an option to turn it off, many of our friend’s cameras still have it on resulting in a lot of photos with time stamp on. In this tutorial, we will show you how to remove that from your pictures.

The best and easiest way to do this is by using Movavi Photo Editor. Download it from official website and install it on your computer. This photo stamp remover software is available for both Windows and Mac computers and installing it is very easy. For Mac, drag and drop the downloaded DMG file onto Applications and for windows, use the installer to install the application.

Remove Photo Stamp from a Photo (2)

Now, start the application and add your photo. Click on Browse for Images and choose the file from which you want to remove the time stamp. Alternatively, simply drag and drop the picture into the app’s editing area. Now, find the Object removal tool from the menu and paint it all over the area where you see data and time stamp.

Take your time to precisely highlight the element as otherwise you would not get great results. We suggest using the Magic Wand button to do the selection. Click on Start Erasing tool to remove the date stamp. Then apply the stamp tool to get rid of any remaining imperfections.

Remove Photo Stamp from a Photo (3)

Using this tool, you can remove any type of text or caption. Movavi Photo Editor is also very useful for removing any kind of watermark. You just need to ensure that these watermarks or captions do not cover any significant or important portion of the picture.

Now that you have removed the time stamp from the photo using Movavi picture editor software, click on the Export button to save the edited image. Give your edited image a name and use any of the popular image formats. We suggest using JPG.

Remove Photo Stamp from a Photo (1)

Of course, you can use the Movavi Photo Editor for much more than removing watermarks and date stamps. This software is one of the most functional, yet most simple-to-use image editing software out there. It takes only a couple of minutes to download and install.

You can use the software for adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of the image. Just move the slider to left or right to decrease or increase the effect.