Celeron N2820 N2830 Benchmark and Passmark results are in

Lately low cost laptops have got very popular especially those with the Windows with Bing OS as Microsoft is offering it with a lower price tag. Many of these cheap laptops, for instance Asus Chromebook C200 and C300 make use of Intel Celeron N2820 and N2830 processors respectively.

The TDP of these processors is just 7.5 watts which is much lower than your typical thin laptops with 17 watt TDP (Intel Core i5-4200U, E5- 4210U or i5-4300U). But how do the new CPUs do in benchmarks? Let us see.

The benchmark score of both N2820 and N2830 is 1000 in the passmark benchmark test.

Celeron N2820 N2830 Benchmark

Both of these new CPUs are based on bay trail architecture and made using 22nm manufacturing process. Both support 64 bit operating systems and come with 1MB L2 cache.