Compulab FIT-PC4 Brings Fanless Computing To The Masses

Compulab fit-PC4 is a compact and fanless Mini PC with AMD, Radeon HD graphics and support for the Windows and Linux operating system. The entry-level version, barebone “Value” is available at $ 299, but “Pro” version is available at $ 380 “Pro” with high profile technical features.

Compulab FIT-PC4 specs price

These models can support Windows, Linux and other operating systems thanks to the x86 CPU and allow a quick update of the RAM, hard disk and mini PCIe slots.

Compulab FIT-PC4 Packs Specs show some serious power

Compulab fit-PC4 Value integrates an AMD APU A4-1250 dual-core 1GHz processor with HD 8210 graphics and a TDP of 8 watts, while the expensive version Compulab fit-PC4 Pro has a AMD Gx-420CA 2GHz processor  with graphics Radeon HD 8400E with a TDP of 25W. Both models are fanless with two SODIMM slots for up to 16GB of RAM, mini PCIe and mSATA, in a small aluminum chassis. It also features HDMI 1.4a output, S / PDIF, RS232 port, 2 Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 and 6 USB 2.0 ports. The Pro version (16cm x 19cm x 3.7cm) offers WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0, while the value (16cm x 16cm x 2.5cm) has WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0.

Compulab propose any model as a system barebone so you need to add RAM, storage, and operating system) or the full version with 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, Linux, or Windows 7 Pro. In addition company also offers a fit-PC4 model with 8GB RAM and 120GB SSD mSATA, instead of the classic hard disk. Compulab also allows a detailed comparison between the 5 models i.e. Value Barebone, Pro Barebone, Linux Pro, Win7 Pro and Pro SSD on their official website.