Cryorig H7 Ultra RGB and Crona 120: new heatsink and high performance fan

Cryorig has announced its new H7 Ultra RGB heatsink and its new Crona 120 fan that will show us at the Computex 2018 in Taiwan. This presentation has been an overview for the media to know what to look for in their stand. The brands get to work to show us all their artillery for this new event and Cryorig has already presented several very striking components for next week.

Cryorig H7 Ultra RGB and Crona 120

The new Cryorig H7 Ultra RGB heatsink has a successful design that seeks to capture our attention. This heatsink includes the fan that has presented the brand today: the Cryorig Crona 120. This fan is responsible for providing the largest light source of the heatsink, although we also have lighting in the part of the heatsink logo.

The heatsink detaches with an outer part in matt black that is complemented with 40 aluminum fins of 0.4 mm thick, these are crossed by four pipes of 6 mm in diameter to ensure the cooling of our equipment. The compact size of this equipment does not imply that it is not very efficient since we have a TDP of up to 160 W, enough for most current processors and also guarantees the placement of any model of RAM. The weight of this product is 754 grams and has a base made of an alloy of copper and nickel.

The light effects of this heatsink can be achieved in 5 V and 12 V RGB connectors, so we will not have synchronization problems with most motherboards. We can use 14 color effects and speeds in this product.

The new Crona 120 fan has a very striking design that allows light to be seen throughout its frame. In addition, it leaves aside the square frame of the fans to move to use a flat sheet for the connection of the fan to the chassis or heatsink. Thanks to this change, the light can spread in a much more efficient way through the space and achieve more surprising lighting effects. The fan has dimensions of 120 x 120 x 25.4 mm with a weight of 157 grams and a speed of 330 to 1600 RPM + – 10%.

These products are not yet available for purchase, as they will be officially presented at Computex 2018.