Dell XPS 13 laptop, XPS 18, 27 updated AIO specs price

The Dell Roadmap 2013-2014  revealed that Dell will launch a new AIO PC XPS 18 and XPS 27 with Intel Haswell CPU and Windows 8.1 in April, while a new upgraded Dell XPS 13 with Intel Broadwell ULT will be launched much later in third quarter of the year 2014.

Dell XPS 13 laptop, XPS 18, 27 updated AIO specs price

The All-in-One XPS 18 is a giant reclining tablet with 18.4 inches, IPS Full HD touch display. The new version will be available with 69 Wh battery and Intel Haswell ULT low-voltage, but it will also be lighter (2.17 lbs) and thin (17 mm) of the predecessor. The rest of the technical specifications will be 4-8GB of RAM, up to 1TB hard drive or hybrid solutions with NAND flash memory 32GB and of course Windows 8.1. Dell XPS 27 is a PC AIO by 27-inch touch, with a display IPS QHD resolution supported by an articulated arm.

In contrast to the younger brother, this computer will be equipped with 65-95W processor for desktops, up to 100W graphics and up to 4TB storage. Both will be available from April 2014 at the price of $ 999 and $ 1,599. In May Dell might also introduce another desktop PC by the name of XPS 8700.

In the category of notebooks, we note the presence of a refurbished Dell XPS 13. The laptop will retain the classic clamshell concept, but inside it will install a new processor Intel Broadwell ULT, only Flash memory and 13.3-inch touch display, with a resolution of Full HD or qHD version in the top-of-range. With a battery 52Wr, the new Dell XPS 13 ultrabook weighs 1.3Kg and has a thickness of exceptional 7-15 mm. The XPS 13 with Broadwell processor is expected to cost $ 999.

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