Download Galaxy J5 Prime TWRP SMG570F SMG570Y Custom Recovery: Samsung J5 Prime Custom Recovery

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is a premium version of the Galaxy J5 series. Since it is only launched in selected countries, not a lot of development is taking place. Due to this, until today, not even Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime twrp recovery was available for download.

J5 Prime TWRP SMG570F SMG570Y 

Now that J5 Prime TWRP custom recovery is downloadable, you will be able to flash custom firmwares and even root J5 Prime easily. Recovery is available for both SMG570F and SMG570Y variants of J5 Prime.

Here is the link to download twrp.

To install it, put your J5 Prime in download mode by pressing and holding power + volume down button for few seconds and then vol up to confirm. Then download ODIN on your computer and unzip the twrp file to obtain tar file. Put it in AP and connect your phone. Press the start button to start flashing process. It should only few seconds.

Now if you wish to go back to stock recovery and follow same steps as mentioned earlier. The only difference is you will be flashing stock recoveries that can be downloaded from links given below.

After flashing them in ODIN, you will bet your stock recovery back on your Samsung galaxy J5 prime.

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