Download Galaxy S8 Voice Recorder for S5 Mini and Samsung Android phones

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 voice recorder looks pretty sleek and you can download and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini or any other Samsung android phone running android marshmallow which is v6 of the OS. Naturally, to install it on a phone like Galaxy S5 Mini, you will have to install S5 Mini Marshmallow ROM. After that follow these instructions.

Download Galaxy S8 Voice Recorder for S5 Mini

1. Download the file from here
2. Copy In Your SD Card
3. Clear The VoiceNote_v4 From Your System/priv-app using Root Explorer
4. Make a Folder With “VoiceNote_v8″ Name
5. Copy The Downloaded App To That Folder
6. Set Permission rw-r-r
7. Reboot

We can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S8 voice recorder is working without any bug on our S5 Mini android phone. You just need to make sure that you are running on touchwiz and android Marshamallow and you won’t face any problem. It shall be noted that the application will give you error if you try running it on non-touchwiz marshamallow.

This means that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is making use of certain components that require touchwiz user interface.

So make sure you have touchwiz and android v6 installed on your Samsung android phone before installing the Galaxy S8’s voice recorder.

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