Download J5 2016 TWRP 3.0 J510FN, J510GN, J510MN, J510H and J510F: Galaxy J5 2016 TWRP recovery download – SM-J510FN recovery

TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 android phone can be downloaded to install custom ROMs and other related hacks. It is also possible to easily root J5 by installing super SU. This J5 TWRP recovery has been tested to work for all models including J510FN, J510GN, J510MN, J510H and J510F.

Download J5 2016 TWRP

This is the latest version that adds this:

* Added item in the Backup section * >Modem
* Added Mount* firmware
* Added Mount* persist
OTG * Works good,you can install or Restore from external flash drive
* Theme TWRP* Works good theme* twrp* materialized* dark* light* play
Screenshot * Volume * and Power buttons save in external SD.

Here are the installation instructions.

1. Install device usb drivers and Odin
In Phone Developer options – On OEM unlock
2. Power off the device.
3. Boot to download mode (VOLUME DOWN/HOME/POWER).
4. Volume UP once.
5. Open Odin  as an administrator, connect the device to a usb port,
and make sure a blue button appears and says “Added” in description on the left.
6. Select AP or PDA for older Odin and search for the downloaded tar file.
7. Uncheck auto reboot from the second tab.
8. Start flash and you should see the succeeded command.
9. Unplug the device and remove the battery.
10. Reboot to TWRP and enjoy! (VOLUME UP/HOME/POWER).

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