Download Microsoft Petya Ransomware Patch

Microsoft has issued patch for the Petya ransomware which makes use myriad techniques to spread. This Petya ransomware infects all the computers ranging from those running windows XP upto Windows 10. If you are not infected, users should exercise caution when opening files. In order to keep your computer safe, make sure to keep windows up-to-date and ensure windows defender is running at all times in background. You should also download MS’ Safety Scanner to detect and get rid of this threat.

Petya Ransomware

Malware Detection – Windows Defender, System Center Endpoint Protection, and Forefront Endpoint Protection detect this threat family as Ransom:Win32/Petya. Ensure you have a definition version equal to or later than:
Threat definition version:
Version created on: 12:04:25 PM : Tuesday, June 27 2017
Last Update: 12:04:25 PM : Tuesday, June 27 2017
In addition, the free Microsoft Safety Scanner is designed to detect this threat as well as many others.

This is even more dangerous than the wannacry ransomware attack that happened last month. Those with a solution from an antivirus provider other than Microsoft should check with that company.

Recommendations – Three specific steps customers can take to mitigate against new ransomware:

* Ensure you have the latest security updates installed
* Ensure you have the latest AV Signatures from your preferred AV vendor
* Do not open email/attachments from unknown/untrusted sources

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