Download Official Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e Firmware–Firmware of SM-G975FD SM-G970F/DS SM-G973FD

official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S10

Are you looking for full official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus (S10+) / S10e? Well, if you have a corrupted operating system, you would need to flash the firmware. Another possible scenario is that you have installed custom firmware and you want to go back to original firmware. For this, you will have to download and install the original firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus (S10+) / S10e.

Here are details of the Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e firmware. These are for the SM-G975FD, SM-G970F/DS and SM-G973FD.

Keep in mind that CSC code will not be changed. Another thing to keep in mind is that firmware is not demo even though it says it is one. This will also remove TWRP from your Galaxy S10 or any hacks that you done.

S10+ Firmware G975FXXU1ASAT

AP:-AP_G975FXXU1ASAT_CL15231014_QB21824975_REV01_user_ low_ship_meta_OS9.tar
CP:-CP_G975FXXU1ASAT_CP11810715_CL15231014_QB21824975_ REV01_user_low_ship.tar
CSC:-CSC_OMC_OXM_G975FOXM1ASAT_CL15231014_QB21824975_RE V01_user_low_ship.tar
BL:- BL_G975FXXU1ASAT_CL15231014_QB21824975_REV01_user_ low_ship.tar

S10e Firmware G970FXXU1ASAT

AP:-AP_G970FXXU1ASAT_CL15231014_QB21824972_REV01_user_ low_ship_meta_OS9.tar.md5
CP:-CP_G970FXXU1ASAT_CP11810712_CL15231014_QB21824972_ REV01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
CSC:-CSC_OMC_OXM_G970FOXM1ASAT_CL15231014_QB21824972_RE V01_user_low_ship.tar_3.md5
BL:-BL_G970FXXU1ASAT_CL15231014_QB21824972_REV01_user_ low_ship.tar.md5

S10 Firmware G973FXXU1ASBA

AP:-AP_G973FXXU1ASBA_CL15445945_QB22242603_REV01_user_ low_ship_meta_OS9.tar.md5
CP:-CP_G973FXXU1ASBA_CP12016348_CL15445945_QB22242603_ REV01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
CSC:-CSC_OMC_OXM_G973FOXM1ASBA_CL15445945_QB22242603_RE V01_user_low_ship.tar.md5
BL:-BL_G973FXXU1ASBA_CL15445945_QB22242603_REV01_user_ low_ship.tar.md5