Download OnePlus 3 camera for OnePlus 2: OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS Camera 3.0.2 download links

Oxygen OS Camera 3.0.2 available for download

You can now download OnePlus 3 camera for OnePlus 2. Yes, final version of the Oxygen operating system has been released and team at xda developers have ported OxygenOS 3.0.2 camera to the OnePlus 2 android phone. This port is available for download and said to be fully working. To install it, simply flash in oneplus 2 recovery like TWRP or CWM and enjoy.

Download OnePlus 3 camera for OnePlus 2

Keep in mind that stock or other camera apps will NOT be replaced by installing Oxygen camera on OnePlus 2. Both RAW and manual modes are supported. It is said to be working on CM13 OnePlus 2 ROM as well.

There are two versions to choose from: One comes with gallery and one comes without one.

So if you want to enjoy OnePlus 3 gallery on OnePlus 2, go for the one that comes with gallery otherwise if you just want the port of camera app, go for the latter.

There is only one bug to solve right now which is opening recorded videos with stock player inside camera let’s crash gallery. go to gallery instead or use other player/gallery.