Download Prema vBIOS Mod for Alienware 15 17 R2 2015

Folks at Prema have worked a lot harder than we expected and have churned out new BIOS for the Dell Alienware 15 and Alienware 17 that make them run faster. Download links are given below. With these you can easily overclock laptop or underclock laptop easily.

Download Prema vBIOS Mod for Alienware 15 17 R2 2015

Here are the features of the Prema vBIOS mod for the Alienware laptops.

1. It disables the power throttles allowing you to overclock your heart’s content.
2. It comes with over voltage slider and pre adjusted – offering up to the maximum of 1.2v.
3. Thermal slider also comes activated to keep the laptops run cooler.
4. Core overclock slider raised
5. Fixed 3D voltage base-line in order to stabilize OCs (based on average ASIC score)
5. Thermal protection is set at 92 centigrade.
6. It provides protection against Furmark and Kombustor GPU burnout

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