Flagship Windows 10 Lumia to come with 3D Touch

3D Touch was slated to make their debut on Nokia McLaren but the phone was cancelled later but it appears that Microsoft will be bringing the revolutionary 3D Touch, buttonless interaction technology to its upcoming flagship. Upcoming windows 10 flagship will feature 3D interaction elements as a part of the windows 10 for phone user interface.

This also includes fly-out tiles and myriad new interactions like panning, browsing, zooming of texts and images. Microsoft may launch its flagship Windows 10 Lumia at the upcoming mobile world congress 2015 event and push it to the cellphone vendors by second quarter. So the flagships will arrive earlier than expected.

Flagship Windows 10 Lumia to come with 3D Touch

However take all of this as grain of salt as Microsoft is well known of removing such complex features in the final edition of their device. Also do not expect it to make its way to the lower end Lumia devices like Lumai 435 that was released last month.

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