Fujitsu Stylistic V535 specifications, rugged Windows 8.1 Tablet with 4GB Memory

Fujitsu Stylistic V535 is a new a new rugged tablet for industrial use that is recently launched at the mobile world congress. Fujitsu Stylistic V535 specifications include an Intel Atom processor, Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit version and 4 GB of memory. The tablet offers protection against dust, liquids and falls.

Fujitsu Stylistic V535 review

Fujitsu Stylistic V535 is a very sturdy tablet designed to be used in harsh environments. Powered by Intel Atom Z3795 quad core processor humming at 2.4 GHz, it packs GPS, GLONASS and LTE modules. However what caught our eye was this line written on its spec sheet which said that Fujitsu Stylistic V535 is operable at –10 degrees to plus 50 degrees.

Fujitsu Stylistic V535 comes with a docking station that allows the user it as PC replacement. This makes perfect sense as tablet runs windows 8.1 that is perfect for productivity and entertainment.

Fujitsu Stylistic V535 review

Amount of storage depends upon the model you purchase but it goes up to maximum of 128GB. Fujitsu Stylistic V535 measures 227.8 x 12.5 x 150.1 mm and weighs 540 grams.

There are two cameras on it – one in the back packing 8 megapixel camera and another one on the front with 2 MP shooter.