Gigabyte G1.Gaming is a motherboard for AMD 990X Gaming AM3+ processor

Gigabyte G1.Gaming AMD 990X Gaming AM3

Although quite some time ago AMD does not update its platform (awaiting Zen), Gigabyte is one of the few manufacturers that continues to innovate and launch new products for this. We are today at the announcement of the third generation of G1.Gaming plates for socket AM3 + AMD, the 990X Gaming SLI. As the name suggests, this new Gigabyte board features NVIDIA SLI certification, as you know, is a proprietary technology from NVIDIA for which you must pay a fee.

Gigabyte has done so its 990X Gaming SLI is certified to work with multiple graphics cards configurations NVIDIA SLI configuration, but of course is also compatible with AMD CrossFireX technology.Gaming SLI Gigabyte 990FX supports all the latest processors that AMD has released AM3 + socket for, including the latest FX-8370. The support plate including the FX-9000 Series with 220-watt TDP processors, so we can be sure that if the processor is socket AM3 + will be compatible with this board.

Gigabyte G1.Gaming review

With ATX format, Gaming SLI 990FX mounts a VRM controller 11 phases to ensure good system stability even do Overclock (remember that AMD does not limit this point, and indeed its Black Edition processors come with unlocked multiplier). You need to run an ATX 24-pin connector and one 8-pin EPS (4 + 4) of the power supply.Supports up to 32 GB of RAM DDR3 memory up to 2400 MHz dual-channel (has 4 memory sockets), and includes two PCI-Express 2.0 x16 sockets that run x8x8 when both are being used (a pity that Gigabyte has not integrated PCI -Express 3.0 on this board), and a PCI-Express 2.0 x1 and a PCI legacy.

What has integrated Gigabyte 990FX in SLI Gaming is a connector M.2 20 Gbps (with support for booting from NVMe SSD) and six SATA June 3 Gbps, so in storage paragraph shall be more than enough.Finally it should be noted that the plate has an extensive external connectivity, it incorporates two USB 3.1 Type-A (the usual) and two USB 3.0 on the rear, plus an internal header for two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the box where we install. It also has a network card Gigabit Intel I-218V, sound card 10-channel sound isolation circuit and electrolytic capacitors.In theory Gigabyte will this new board in stores this month at a price that has not been defined but is expected to be around 100 euros.