HP Elite X3 Release Date

HP Elite X3 Release Date

Microsoft recently announced its withdrawal from the consumer business known you want to focus exclusively on business customers. That does not mean that you completely withdraws from the smart phone business, but its range of Windows Mobile devices 10 is thus certainly not more. Fans now have to look elsewhere. And here, the HP Elite X3 is the very great hope, the HP smartphone actually has everything wants the Windows Phone users, especially an ultra-stylish design and plenty of power. This was unveiled officially at the Mobile World Congress in 2016 , but to buy it is still not.

This is partly because the device at the time of the MWC is not simply finished or is. But it is, as we saw evidence at Computex. Because there was the precious smartphone appear on the Microsoft booth, HP was in the Elite X3 but continued to work, it is compared with the device originally shown in Barcelona a refined and functionally advanced model.

Fingerprint Sensor – Thus, HP has now incorporated the fingerprint sensor or integrated on the back. Whether and how well this works, we can not say, however, as we were unfortunately unable to put itself to the device our prying fingers. Another difference is also found on the rear side, namely the now somewhat more matt surface. In the first-mentioned Microsoft decision with respect to the smart phone business we wrote that, they need to look elsewhere and this is fortunately also for private clients. Because initially wanted to HP with the HP Elite X3 only on the business market, now it is said that it will offer the device for home users.

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