Intel Core i7 5650U benchmark

The Core i7 5650U is a very powerful ultra low voltage processor by Intel that was introduced by the chip giant in January 2015. It is slated to be used in the upcoming broadwell Macbook Air and ultrathin ultrabooks as it consumes little power; has high performance output and dissipates little heat which is critical in ultrathin laptops. Interestingly the Core i7 5650U has lower CPU base clock speed than the outgoing Core i7 5600U but faster GPU.

Intel Core i7 5650U benchmark

The Intel Core i7 5650U benchmark indicate that thanks to improved architecture, it is about 10 percent faster than the lower clocked Core i7 4650U which. This means it is powerful enough for working on CPU-hungry applications.

Core i7 4650U benchmark results:
Cinebench R15 (CPU Single 64 bit): 124
Geekbench 3 (32 bit multi core): 5875
3DMark 2013 (fire strike standard physics full HD): 3864
Passmark: 4176

Core i7 5650U also brings improved HD graphics 6000 that offer 48 EUs at 300 MHz – 1000 MHz. It has faster memory speeds up to 1866 LPDDR3, so this makes it more powerful than the Intel HD Graphics 5000 that has 40 EUs. Demanding games should run just fine at medium detail settings.

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