Intel DC PC3608 SSD Benchmark and Specifications

Intel DC PC3608 is the newest solid state drive that is targeted towards business market whose function is to replace the current family of PC3600 and even surpasses the PC3700 in certain benchmark tests.

Intel DC PC3608 SSD Benchmark

To achieve such spectacular results, Intel has decided to combine two of their former PC3600 units in a same PCB and increase data interface transmission to 8 tracks. It may not be the most refined way to increase the performance of these units, but the reality is that it meets the target. However, in the Intel DC PC3608 SSD benchmark, we did see the very high increase in the consumption.

DC PC3608 specifications

Once installed on the system, the drive appears as two separate SSDs after a PLX PCIe switch, which means that to really be able to use the full capacity, one must have a motherboard that supports RAID 0 configurations. Such motherboards load balance the two controllers simultaneously.

intel DC PC3608 specs

However, this need for balancing means that the controller will never be able to double the performance of the PC3600 as you might initially think as always, a certain amount of overhead is generated.

Intel DC PC3608 price

The prices are obviously, very high. 1.6 TB unit costs $ 3,009, the 3.2 TB goes up to $ 7009 and the 4 TB costs $ 8,759. The 5-year warranty that comes standard is nothing – they should give it lifetime warranty.