Is antivirus for android really needed?

It is a mind bending fact that even the playstore is brimming with malware applications right now. In fact, few days back, a malware by the name of DroidDream has popped up which is said to have compromised personal data of users. It takes over the device and sends information back to its hacker putting your data at risk. So if you are an android user and paranoid about security of your phone, it is now time to get an antivirus app.

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We installed and tested many antivirus applications and found the AVG antivirus to be most effective. This antivirus application doubles as antimalware and runs in the background at all times. Like a watchdog, it keeps an eye on the data that is downloaded on your phone. It ensures that no malware or virus is able to infect your phone and steal personal PIM and other information. It is a free mobile antivirusapplication and anyone can install it for free from the playstore.

After installing AVG antivirus on your phone, you should do a scan of your phone. You can tell it to do scan of both internal as well as external storage. This is also recommended as it will help find any malware or virus that could be there on your phone already.

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AVG antivirus can run in the background without making the phone down. It monitors your web browsing sessions and ensures no malware website is able to install dangerous application or game on your phone. If it finds something dangerous, it immediately alerts and notifies you.

AVG antivirus is more than just an antivirus application. It keeps track of your mobile data usage and alerts you if you are going overboard. It also optimizes internal storage space. It does this by clearing the cache, cookies and unneeded site data that it downloads over the internet.

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It comes with several other useful features such as device lock feature which can automatically lock your android phone or tablet if the SIM card is replaced. So even if the thief gets hold of your phone, you can be rest assured that the data and PIM information stored on it is safe.

Verdict – AVG Antivirus is the best antivirus application for android devices and must have for all users.