Lenovo Y40 and G50-80 updated with Radeon R5 and R9 M300 GPU

Lenovo Y40 and the entry level Lenovo G50-80 will soon be updated with a Radeon R9 M375 and Radeon R5 M330 respectively. The launch of the new AMD graphics cards is closer than expected.

Lenovo Y40 and G50-80

There is massive excitement in the world of graphic cards as Nvidia and AMD both have introduced new models. Nvidia launched GTX 960M GPU last month and AMD launched the new Radeon M300 series. Some companies like Lenovo have already planned upgrading of some notebook models especially for gamers.

2015 Lenovo Y40 and G50-80 specifications

Lenovo has updated the data sheet of Lenovo Y40 and G50-80. Both laptops will now use Radeon R9-M375 and M330-R5 respectively. At the moment, no other details on the two notebooks is available.

Information about the new Radeon R5 GPU: It comes equipped with a memory bus to 64 bits and 1 or 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. The Radeon R7 will have the same amount of onboard memory but with the option to choose between DDR3 and GDDR5 versions and with bus 64 or 128 bits.

Stay tuned for official announcement from Lenovo regarding the new 2015 Lenovo Y40 and G50-80 laptops.