LG Mini Beam PH1500 Pro, TV PW800 specifications, can project full HD

LG has introduced two new projectors in to the market, Mini Beam PH1500 Pro and TV PW800. The LG Mini Beam PH1500 Pro specifications include full HD projection on to an area of 120 inches with a brightness of 1400 lumens and a contrast ratio of 150,000: 1. It measures 132 x 220 x 84 mm and weighs 1.5 kilograms making it very portable and light. It is like carrying a mini laptop with you.

LG Mini Beam PH1500 Pro TV PW800 specifications

LG Mini Beam TV PW800 specifications include dimensions of 140 x 140 x 50 mm and weighs 600 grams, packing 1280 x 800 pixels on a maximum surface area of 100 inches at a distance of 3.25 meters. Compared to the PH1500 Pro, it has lower brightness of 800 lumens with a contrast ratio of 100,000: 1.

The LG Mini Beam PH1500 Pro and LG Mini Beam TV PW800 is now on sale in Korea and United Status by the end of March. The company has not yet officially announced the price.

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