LG Launches Haswell Powered Tab-Book 2 and 27V740 All In One

LG’s two new models of the Tab-Book 2 (Models 11T740 and 11T540) are the second-generation of the company’s hybrid Tab-Book that run Windows 8.1. Both the Tab-Book 2 models sport touchscreen with support for 10-point touch control and offer slide-out QWERTY keyboards under the 11.6-inch full-HD IPS display.

LG Tab-Book 2 and All-in-one 27v740 specs price

LG Tab-Book 2 and All-in-one 27V740 specs include Haswell CPUs

The flagship Tab-Book 2 (11T740) model is 16.7mm thin, and weighs 1.05 kilograms. Both the Tab-Book 2 models are powered by fourth generation Intel ‘Haswell’ Core i5 processors.

The LG all-in-one (AIO) PC (Model 27V740) features a 27-inch IPS display and is based on Windows 8.1. It is powered by an unspecified Intel Core processor, and also features the Nvidia’s GeForce GT 740M graphics card.

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