Logitech G305: cheap wireless gaming mouse with up to 9 months of battery life | Logitech G305 price specs

Logitech G305 price specs

The peripheral manufacturer, Logitech, has just introduced its new G305 wireless gaming mouse. This new model has been designed with participants in eSports-type games in mind, when creating a mouse with a very aggressive price. But, above all, its battery management is so fine tuned that it can last up to 9 months. The eSports has become a billion dollar industry, and in the window of most companies looking to have some presence in the market. These brands are dedicated to sponsoring the different teams of this huge sport, as a way to be seen by thousands of potential users. The fact is that most of the major brands have a department dedicated to eSports, and to gaming, in general.

Logitech, as a great brand, is no stranger to the field of gaming peripherals. From their minds have come many models of peripherals for this sector and many others, but we are going to focus on gaming, although their SAT is not the best in the universe when it comes to guaranteeing their products. So, no wonder that the brand has ventured to get its first peripheral intended specifically for use by the gamers of eSports.

The problem that wireless mice usually have is their poor battery life. However, Logitech has wanted, with its G305 model, to implement a battery saving mode that multiplies the battery life of its mouse exponentially. Thus, the normal mode allows up to 250 hours with a single AA-type battery. However, its saving mode lowers the sample rate of the mouse up to 125 Hz. In comparison, the sample rate of the normal mode is 1000 Hz and, thanks to this drastic decrease in sample rate, the battery can last up to 9 months of continued use – although we assume that this figure may vary depending on the batteries being used in the mouse itself.

The G305 wireless gaming mouse follows an ambidextrous design so that it can be used comfortably by left-handed or right-handed players. Its casing is small and has six buttons : the left and right, two side, the one on the trackball and the one used to change the resolution. Speaking of resolution, the Logitech G305 has an optical sensor HERO, which is the sensor that is equipping Logitech in all its top-end mice. This sensor allows the mouse to have a resolution that can range from 200 to 12,000 dpi.

Despite mounting a full range sensor, Logitech has preferred that the G305 has a price of $60, which is a price more in line with the average range of gaming mice.