Logitech K380 M535 Specifications, compact keyboard and mouse

Logitech K380 is a compact wireless keyboard that operates via Bluetooth. Its small size and low weight make it ideal to carry from one place to another. Logitech M535 is a Bluetooth mouse. Charlotte Johs, vice president of Logitech peripherals for computers said at the launch that we are living n the age of creativity, where you can capture, edit and publish content anywhere and all devices.

Logitech K380 review

Logitech K380 Specifications

Both Logitech K380 and Logitech M535 are ideal for those who are planning to get themselves an android TV or windows TV box in near future as it will allow them to do input nicely. Both of these computer peripherals do not require user to use any additional software to work.

Logitech K380

K380 keyboard device provides comfort and utility that allows the desktop and control the computer and other devices such as a tablet or your smartphone at the same time. In fact it can connect up to three devices and you can switch between using the built in Easy Switch button. The keyboard will recognize the attached device and automatically activate the corresponding functions and shortcuts.

The Logitech K380 is powered by two AAA batteries that the company claims will last two years. It will be made available in blue and gray colors at a price of 45.90 euros. 

Logitech M535 review

Logitech M535 Specs: Operates over Bluetooth 3.0

As for the mouse, the Logitech M535 is compatible with almost any computing device, and supports navigation button programmable control with the palm of your hand, allowing you to switch between applications, desktops, drag and drop images, play gesture slide with three fingers allows full control on a Mac system and use the Task View of Windows 10. The mouse moves reliably on almost any surface.

Logitech M535 reviews

The Logitech M535 Mouse will be available for a suggested retail price of 45.90 euros. Its package will include a AA battery and user documentation. It measures 2.4 in (61.1 mm) x 3.96 in (100.5 mm) x 1.3 in (33.0 mm) and weighs about 82 grams.