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The Internet really is becoming more mobile by the month. Microsoft recently unveiled its very own tablet device the Surface. This cool and powerful device will have a choice of two key accessories, the touch and the type keyboards. The type keyboard is just a slimmed down version of a standard laptop keyboard, but the high-tech touch keyboard has micro pressure senses that can tell when you are touching a letter. It will attach via magnets to the tablet. Very cool.tablet or phone

Tablets are taking mobile internet in a new direction, but recent advancements in smartphones are doing their bit too. The new Sony Xperia Z5 has a large touch screen, Wifi, 4G, GPS, Bluetooth and a rather decent five megapixel camera. The phone is priced at £200 sim free and with plenty of power and loads of extras it is great value for money. 

BlackBerry has a new phone out too. The BlackBerry Priv is more than just a business phone, although email is where BlackBerry beats the competition. The reason this phone is so appealing however is the $500 price tag and considering it does email, texting, surfing BBM, Wifi and photography, it’s a great sim free bargain purchase.

The fact that technology is improving and prices are falling mean the mobile Internet revolution can really pick up pace. Along with the rolling out of 4G, the next generation in high speed Internet, the future looks like it’ll be even more mobile and a lot faster. With fast internet, you will be browse sport betting sites such as W88 faster and of course, YouTube and other streaming websites will load faster too.

4G has definitely changed the world for better and the future looks amazing for the mobile Internet users. Just a decade back, it was tough using the web on the move as 2G Internet was only good enough for checking static scores and emailing, that too in plain text format. With the help of 4G, we are able to get work done faster and do so many other things that were simply not possible earlier.

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