Most of Samsung Profits come from Mobile devices

Samsung is a large Korean company that makes myriad electronics including televisions, phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens and so on. Believe it not, company’s actual money-making machine is their mobile devices division. Samsung’s sales and operating profit history describes the role of mobile devices in making Samsung financially strong. Almost half of the total turnover and 70 percent of operating profit comes from mobile devices. The graph also shows that the revenue growth in recent years is primarily due to increased sales of the phone.

Most of Samsung Profits come from Mobile devices

Graphs reflects that Samsung’s smartphone sales growth started in early 2011. At that time, Nokia announced the end of Symbian development and made the switch to Windows Phone. Today, Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, but it was not in 2010. Korean company ranked as the fourth-largest smart phone supplier. In 2009, Samsung’s market share in smartphones was more or less equal to Nokia’s market share.

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