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If you are not a computer expert, you might be thinking that editing photos is a daunting job that is only suited for professionals. Wrong as there are tons of amazing and easy to use applications out there that can make you look like a pro in no time. Our favorite is Movavi Photo Studio and it is super user friendly. Infact, it is so easy to use that even a teenager can use it.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

It works on both windows and Macintosh OS so you are not going to have any sort of application compatibility issues when using it. The app is best photo software for editing pictures. To get started, download the application from the official website and install it using onscreen instructions. Installation took us less than a minute to complete and it is really easy to install. After installation, start the application and start adding pictures.

You can add multiple pictures in one go. The Movavi Photo Studio comes with lots of filters to give some unreal touches to your pictures. Touching up your photo is real easy – just move the controls to the right to increase their intensity and vice versa. So for instance, if you want to increase the brightness, just move its slider to the right and to decrease the brightness, move it to the left. Once you have made the changes, click on the apply button to make it permanent. If you are not happy with what you just did, click to “revert to original” to solve the problem. Preview of the effects are shown in real time.

There are some basic image editing tools that come with the Movavi Photo Studio such as ability to crop, rotate, flip and level. Another super nifty feature is ability to apply different background allowing you to remove unwanted details and even swap the background with something completely different. For that, use the red marker to mark the objects that you want to remove followed by green marker to specify things that you don’t want to be removed. Then, you will be able to easily swap the image with another.

Now that you have made all sorts of changes to the image, it is now time to save it. For that, you will have to click on the Export button and it will save the image to the hard disk of your computer.

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