MSI GX60/GX70 Destroyer Series Notebook updated

MSI updated the GX60 and GX70 Destroyer gaming notebooks with some new hardware. Both the gaming notebooks will now have a new AMD Radeon graphics. The GPU under the hood is the AMD R9-M290X GPU, offering the AMD Mantle Graphics technology.

MSI GX60-GX70 Destroyer Series Notebook updated specs price

The Mantle Graphics tech improves gaming performance to deliver higher resolution and better gameplay. The machines also use the AMD A10-5750 processor operating at 2.3-3.5GHz. Both machines run Windows 8.1 for the operating system. Both also have 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution non-reflective screens.

Both the models differ in the screen size. The GX70 has a 17.3-inch screen while the GX60 offers a 15.6-inch screen. Both machines have 1TB of internal storage and Killer E2200 Game networking. The GX70 Destroyer gets 12GB of RAM with the GX60 getting 8GB. The GX70 also gets a Blu-ray drive. The GX 70 Destroyer will sell for $1399.99 with the GX60 Destroyer selling for $1299.99. Both machines also have backlit keyboards with programmable colors.