MSI S120 specifications, the return of mini laptops in a good way

MSI S120 is a yet another proof that mini laptops a k a netbooks are not dead – yet as manufactures keep reviving the small 11.6 inch laptops with better and more efficient processors. The new MSI S120 11U1 packs the latest Core M processor that allowed its manufacture to make a fanless mini laptop.

MSI S120 specifications

MSI S120 detailed specifications were revealed by minilaptopindia where they have mentioned that the S120 will come with HD resolution. However Liliputing says that MSI is planning to release a limited number of S120s with full HD IPS screens. Interesting – very.

MSI S120 specs

Specs include Intel Atom Z3735F processor, 32GB / 64GB flash storage, 2GB RAM, 11.6 inch HD display, 5200 mAh battery, 2MP FFC and Windows 10 operating system. It might be possible to increase the RAM to 4GB since the Atom Z3537F is supposed to support 4GB RAM.

MSI S120 offers great performance – similar to an entry level budget windows 8.1 laptop but without burning your lap. Application and boot times will be great as devices with Atom Z3735F and NAND flash storage lag very little. They also wake up immediately from standby.

Since the MSI S120 comes with Windows 10, expect it to be released sometime in late July 2015.