MSI WT72 is company first VR laptop

MSI WT72 review

The virtual reality is on everyone ‘s lips lovers hardware in recent times, and manufacturers are rushing to introduce their products VR Ready for users interested in this business. MSI has its first team “certification” (internal) for virtual reality systems, the MSI WT72 of which I speak in today.

Basically what MSI has done has been to update one of its laptop models aimed at professional CAD design and adapt to new requirements with virtual reality systems to create the WT72. This is a team that has a graphics card NVIDIA Quadro M5500, Intel Core i7 or Xeon sixth generation and up to 64 GB of RAM DDR4 memory, so performance you will not miss with this combination of hardware.

vr laptop from msi

The biggest innovation is the inclusion of the new NVIDIA Quadro graphics M5500, a GPU that provides 35% more performance than the previous generation. Andy Tung, MSI CEO of America said about it that “The MSI WT72 with NVIDIA Quadro M5500 is the world ‘s first notebook that can literally with any task, including graphic design and virtual reality systems.”

To enhance the multimedia experience, MSI has integrated into the WT72 the Dynaudio sound technology, in this case with an audio optimizer Nahimic. They have also introduced new panels Ultra HD 17.3 inch True Color technology with Adobe RGB certification, SteelSeries backlit keyboard, and USB connectivity Thunderbolt 3 and 3.1. As you can see, MSI has taken its professional teams and has integrated them some of the characteristics of their equipment Gaming to create the new WT72. These are its characteristics such as we announced the manufacturer.

MSI WT72 specs

At the moment it is unknown when this new team will come to market and price, although seen your hardware can expect prices not suitable for many pockets (we speak of more than 4,000 euros a good insurance).