Neo900 vs Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S vs Lumia 1520

Neo900, a true open source phone has just met its pre order goal and will soon go into production. But, how does it compares with iPhone 5S and much much powerful Samsung Galaxy S4. Or what about the huge Lumia 1520 windows phone with all the latest tech sliced in? Well, if you are looking for an established eco system (iPhone 5S) or a screaming fast processor (Think S4 and 1520), or a high resolution display (1520, S4) with ultra high PPI (S4), then you should probably stay away from the Neo900.

Neo900 vs Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S vs Lumia 1520

By hardware standards, the Neo900 is not designed to compete with those devices. It features a mediocre TI OMAP 3730 processor based on old Cortex A8 architecture, 1 gigabytes of RAM, HSPA, CDMA, and LTE. Its 3.5 inch display packs a lack luster WVGA resolution (800×480).

But that does not mean it shall not be ruled out as it is designed for those who are looking for a truly open source platform. Also, if its installed operating system, Maemo Linux does not meet your needs, you are free to install Firefox or Ubuntu Phone OS. Heck, it even supports Debian.

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