Nexus 8 To Launch With Intel Moorefield SoC

Google will be launching its Nexus 8 tablet with an Intel x86 Moorefield chipset to bring 64 bit Android tablet to the market. The search engine giant is said to be looking to get Intel’s new quad core Moorefield chipset for the next generation Nexus tablet.

Nexus 8 To Launch With Intel Moorefield SoC

The giant will be launching 64 it compatible version of Android in June at the I/O event. Strikingly Intel will also be making the aforementioned chipset in June so everything makes sense. However, since this just a rumor so we suggest you to take it with pinch of salt.

Right now, Google is very committed to ARM and most of the applications are fine-tuned for ARM platform, and not x86. It will be interesting to see how this major concern.

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